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Better Relations

• If you continue to subdue faction who have become hostile forces, your relationship with them will deteriorate and you may be plundered.

• Relations can be improved to trade with faction to purchase various loot.

• Better Relations can be entered through sub-menu at the bottom of the map screen.

subjugation EN.jpg



1. Faction Relations Information

• On this screen, you can donate resources, warrior, and treasure to improve the relationship. If the relationship level is good, you can trade with other peoples.





1 Faction Name

• Shows the name of the current faction group.


2 Relationship

• Shows the current relationship rating of individuals and allies, and you can see your relationship rating rank by clicking on it.

• Individual Relationship: The higher the relationship level, the more items you can purchase from trade or you can entrust plunder quests.

• Shows the relationship level according to allies members' subjugation and relationship improvement activities.


3 Recent Trends

• You can find out about the records of activities such as friendship, plunder, and quests between the faction and other lords.

• Friendly Activities: Records are displayed in which foreign peoples gave bronze boxes to the lords in small favor.

• Plunder Activities: Records of plunder lords with poor relations with foreign peoples are displayed.

• Request Details: Records of attempts to plunder through immigrants between other lords are displayed.

• Goodwill Statistics: Shows the history of friendly activities with the foreign nation.

• Plunder Statistics: Records of plunder by the another faction group are displayed in units of cities.


4 Trade

• You can purchase trade item from the faction.

• Trade goods exist that can be purchased according to the individual relationship level.


5 Relationship Improvement

• You can increase the relationship level by dedicating resources, warrior, and items to the faction.

• Relationship value decreases by 1 point for every hour of subjugation.

• When the individual relationship level is over 6,000, 150 points each day, and the alliance member*100 points every day without a standard value.

6 Plunder Request

• You can entrust a plunder request to a another nation by entering the name of another lord's name in the corresponding field.

• When requesting a plunder, 1,000 relationship points are used and [6. You must meet the needed Conditions].



2. Donation

• Choose resources, captives, and treasures to give gifts to faction to improve relationships.

• The more resources, the higher the level of captives and treasures, the higher the improvement.

better relations en.jpg

1 Resource

• You can control the amount of resources you want to dedicate to faction in your territory.

• Resources can be donated from a minimum of 10,000 to a maximum of 1,000,000.


2 Captives

• Send the warriors from the selected standing army to the respective faction.

• Standing army who have been taken captives by faction do not return.


3 Treasure

• Donate selected items to foreign people.

• Items dedicated to factions are lost.


4 Confirm

• You can select a warrior who will deliver the selected gift to a faction.

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5 Warrior Selection

• Choose one regular army warrior to deliver a gift to a faction.

(Better Relations does not require health.)


6 Folders

• You can use the folder function set in Regular Army Management.

• Call up the list of warriors corresponding to the selected folder.


7 Recovery

• Restores all warriors with less than 50% health in the list of warriors once by using Action equal to the number of healed warriors.


8 Full recovery

• Restores all warriors with less than 100% health in the warrior list by using Action equal to the number of recovered warriors once.


9 Selected Warrior Zone

• The warriors selected from the regular army warriors list are displayed in the corresponding area.

• The warrior's health and experience points are displayed in the area.


10 Help

• This is the help guide required for subjugation.


11 Number of Commands

• Indicates the maximum number of commands that can be commanded at the same time.

• Subjugation cannot be performed when the number of commands is exceeded.


12 Beauty Painting

• When setting, use beauty painting. Beauty painting increases the better relations score.

• You can check the current stock and required quantity.


13 Perform

• Warrior donates captives, including resources, items, and additional loot, the Beauty Painting, to the Faction.

• The time required to do better relations is fixed at 6 hours for departure and 6 hours for group, and the execution time is can't be reduced by other effects.

• You earn experience points when you complete better relations




3. Trade

• When the relationship level is met through better relationship, you can purchase trade item from foreign peoples and lord.

• The quantity of traded goods is reset every day at 00:00.

trade en.jpg

1 Trade Item

• Shows a list of trade items that can be purchased from this faction.

• There are trade Items that can be purchased according to your individual relationship level.


2 Current Individual Relationship level

• The current Lord's individual relationship level indicates the availability of trade items for purchase.


3 Batch Purchase

• If there is even one trade item available for purchase, purchase it in batch.

• Purchased trade items can be viewed in the Loot tab of the safe, and cannot be purchased if the limit is exceeded.


4 Purchase

• Use resources to purchase selected trades.

• Purchased trade items can be viewed in the Loot tab of the safe, and cannot be purchased if the limit is exceeded.




4. List of traded goods

• List of faction trade goods

• Lord's Trade List

※ If your relationship with the Lord is 'Allied', the amount you can purchase is doubled.


5. Plunder Request

• Use Relation Points to entrust allies with other Lord plunder requests.

faction en.jpg

1 Enter the name of the plunder lord

• Enter the name of the lord to plundered.


2 Plunder Request

• Plunder the entered Lord.

• The plunder request will fail if you do not meet the plunder process conditions.

relationship value en.jpg

6. Plunder Conditions

• The plunder requester must meet the following conditions.

- The relationship between the client and the level must be 'Friendly' or higher.

- There must be a plunder target, and you must not be an unconnected person for a long time.

- The client and target must not be under the Lord Protection.

- The number of plunder reservations on the target cannot exceed 3.

- The number of units reserved for the target cannot exceed 9.

- The relationship between the target and the client must differ by at least one level.

- The building of the client or target must be Lv.3 or higher.


7. Plunder Instructions

• If the plunder request is successful, the allies plunder unit will depart after 24 hours.

• The level of the plunder unit varies according to the difference in the relationship level between the requester and the target.

• A plunder target can be plundered by the same faction at the same time, up to 2 units.

• A plunder target can be plundered up to 8 units simultaneously from all factions.

• The relationship value of 1.000 points decreases for the plunder requester, and the relationship value increases for the target.



■ Background story

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