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• Scenarios are troop battle content that battles the warriors who were at the center of the historical events of the Three Kingdoms.

• Scenarios can be accessed from the sub-menu at the bottom of the military screen.

skenario en.jpg

1. Scenario main screen

• This is the main screen where you can use scenario contents.

Scenario main screen EN.jpg

1 Main scenario

• The normal scenario is a scenario that revolves around the historical events of the Three Kingdoms.

• You can select a normal scenario to proceed from the screen.

(When selected, it moves to the scenario detail screen.)

• Normal and Strategic Scenarios proceed sequentially, and the previous scenario must be completed before proceeding to the next scenario.

• For scenarios marked with the 'Strategy' bookmark, include strategic scenarios and are generic scenarios.


2 Scenario move button

• The corresponding button allows you to quickly move through the list of common scenarios.

• Previous : Go to the previous page.

• Next : Moves to the next page.

• First : Go to the first scenario page.

• Last : Go to the last scenario page.

• Recent : Moves to the detailed screen of the most recently played scenario.


3 Scenario Backstory

• Shows the background story for the selected scenario.


4 Strategic Scenario Filters

• Shows only normal scenarios with special rewards selected for strategic scenarios when set up.

Strategic Scenario Filters EN - ID.jpg















5 Additional Effect Status

• Additional effects are applied only after completing the Strategic Scenarios that belong to the Normal Scenario.

• You can check the status of additional effects obtained in the strategic scenario.

efek en.jpg

5.1. Additional Effects

• You can check all the effects received from the faction and scenario in the [Additional Effects List] tab of Lord information.


5.2. Change skill effect

• The skill effect acquired in the strategic scenario can be changed immediately by using goods.

- 39 Sage's Wis or 2,400 Trophy Points (Limited to 3 times per month)


6 Strategic Scenarios

• Strategic scenarios are scenarios that belong to normal scenarios and can proceed with various events that occurred in the same year.

• When you click a strategy scenario, it moves to the scenario detail screen.

• You can reset the selected strategy scenario using the sage's wis or trophy points.

- 1800 trophy points (can be used only 3 times per month, reset at 00:00 on the 1st of every month)

- 29 Sage's Wis



2. Scenario detail screen

• This is the screen to proceed with the scenario selected by the lord.

Scenario detail screen EN.jpg


• SPI is an entry condition used when entering the scenario, and the maximum SPI (100) is charged every day at 06:00.


2 SPI charge

• Use the Sage's wis to recharge your SPI to the maximum (100).

- It can be charged up to 5 times a day.

- It can be charged only when the SPI is less than 10.


3 Free SPI Charges

• Can be used while a free SPI recharge event is in progress or when a loud shout is in effect.

- It can be charged only when the SPI is less than 10.

• If you have free SPI charges left, you cannot use SPI charges from the Sage's wis.


4 Stage battle information

• This is the screen where you can check the battle information of the enemy units appearing in the scenario.

scen detail en.jpg

4.1. Stage

• Indicates the stage name of the scenario, and the number of enemies is configured for each stage.


4.2. Stage List

• Shows the list of warriors to subdue in the configured stage.


4.3. Stage battle information

• This is the screen to know the battle information of the subjugation target.

- Acquirable Rewards: Reward items obtained when the stage is completed

- Minimum level: Minimum level of warriors that can be subjugated

- Target type of army: Types of troops possessed by the enemy warrior - Target troops: Troops possessed by the enemy warrior

- SPI consumption: SPI used during subjugation


4.4. Battle Log

• The battle record of the completed stage is initialized.


5 Time limit

• As the scenario progresses, there is a time limit to complete it.

• The time limit is different for each scenario, and when the time expires, the scenario ends.


6 End

• End the current scenario.

• Scenarios that have been completed must be restarted from the beginning.


7 Restart

• Restart the current scenario.

• On restart, the in-progress scenario is terminated and restarted.


8 Scenario Backstory

• Show the story behind the scenario you're working on.

• For strategic scenarios, you can check the special rewards available to the right of the scenario title.


9 Warrior selection

• Select one warrior to subdue the enemy warrior in the scenario.


10 Selection of army types

• You can select the types of soldiers to deploy.

Selection of army types EN - ID.jpg

11 Set up troops deployment

• You can set up deployed troops to participate in the subjugation.

• It can be set from a minimum of 15,000 unit to a maximum of 30,000 unit.


12 Subjugation

• Use your stamina and deploy troops to battle.

• Battle details are indicated in the letter.


13 Automatic Subjugation

• Battles automatically proceed using troops and SPI until all target troops in the ongoing scenario are 0.

• If the warrior level rises during auto subjugation, auto subjugation will be stopped.



■ Scenario rewards

• Scenario rewards are paid differently depending on the normal scenario and the strategic scenario.


1. Normal Scenarios

• In normal scenarios, item-oriented rewards are paid, and scenario items can be obtained with a certain probability.

[07. Scenario] - See scenario item


2. Strategic Scenarios

• Strategic scenarios acquire additional effects that increase the skills and stats of all warriors in the regular army as a reward

is possible.

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