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• Search allows you to acquire warrior and items by exploring cities on the map.

• Search is available on the city screen by clicking on a city on the map screen.


1. City screen

• This is the screen where you can use search.

search en.jpg

1 Set the number of automatic searches

• Search automatically for the set number of times.

• If the required resource is insufficient during auto-search, auto-search is terminated.

• If the warrior runs out of health during auto-search, it automatically recovers using grain.

(If there is not enough grain, the automatic search ends due to lack of resources required to recover health.)


2 Search

• This button allows you to select the number of warriors to search.




2. Search Progress

• Select a warrior to search and proceed with the search.

search party en.jpg

1 List of regular army warriors

• Indicates a list of warriors to perform a search.


2 Folders

• You can use the folder function set in Regular Army Management.

• Call up the list of warriors corresponding to the selected folder.


3 Recovery

• Restores all warriors with less than 50% health in the list of warriors once by using Action equal to the number of healed warriors.


4 Full recovery

• Restores all warriors with less than 100% health in the warrior list by using Action equal to the number of recovered warriors once.


5 Selected Warrior Zone

• The warriors selected from the regular army warriors list are displayed in the corresponding area.

• The warrior's health and experience points are displayed in the area.


6 Help

• Help guides for performing search.

• In that area, you can find guidance for searching.


7 Number of commands

• Indicates the maximum number of commands that can be commanded at the same time.

• Search is not possible when the number of commands is exceeded.


8 The Eunuch's Warranty

• The amount of resource (gold) acquired increases when using the eunuch's guarantee.

• It is used every time during automatic search, and when all are exhausted, the search proceeds without the eunuch's warranty.


9 Perform

• Proceed on a quest using the selected warriors and resources.

• Search results can be confirmed through letters.

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