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Defensive Support

• You can defeat the plunderer that trying to plunder the Lord's estate before they reach the territory.

• If you belong to the same allies, you can help the Lord.

• Defense support can be accessed from the bottom right of the military screen.

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1. Defends Support Screen

• You can set up a garrison to repel enemies advancing towards the Lord or his allies.

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1 Lord Name

• Displays the list of your lord's name and allied members' lord names.

• From the list, you can select a lord who will provide defends support.


2 Signs of attack

• When an enemy raid is deployed, the following message appears.

• About 1 hour and 30 minutes before arrival at the territory: The news is that there is a unit advancing to the territory!

• About 60 minutes before arrival at the territory: A unit commanded by Warrior AAA is advancing.

• About 20 minutes before arrival at the territory: Warrior AAA's troops are encamped. (Defends support available)

• About 5 minutes before arrival at the territory: Warrior AAA's troops are invading the territory! (Defends support not available)

※ Even if there is a unit that has dispatched to your territory, you will not know until 1 hour and 30 minutes ago.


3 Defense Warrior Selection

• You can choose a warrior to defeat the advancing enemy.

defense war en.jpg

3.1. List of Regular Army Warriors

• Represents regular army warriors with more than 3,000 troops.


3.2. Folder

• You can use the folder function set in Regular Army Management.

• Call up the list of warriors corresponding to the selected folder.


3.3. Recovery

• Restores all warriors with less than 50% health in the list of warriors once by using Action equal to the nu


3.4. Full Recovery

• Restores all warriors with less than 100% health in the warrior list by using Action equal to the number of recovered warriors once.


3.5. Selected Warrior Area

• The warriors selected from the regular army warriors list are displayed in the corresponding area.

• The warrior's health and experience points are displayed in the area.


3.6. Help

• Help guides for performing defends support.


3.7. Number of Commands

• Indicates the maximum number of commands that can be commanded at the same time.

• Defense support is not counted in the command count.


3.8. Perform

• Complete the selection of warrior to perform defends support.


4 Recovery

• Shows the current health status of the warrior and can recover health through the button.


5 Perform

• Conduct defends support battles to repel advancing units when performing defends support at an attack sign where defense support is available.

• You can check the battle result log through letter.




2. Defends Support Conditions

• For defends support, the following conditions must be met.

• Lord in the same territory

• Not using Emperor's Protection

• Support unit warrior's HP is 50% or higher

• Minimum support size of 3,000 troops or more

• Can attack only the raid that is encamped.

• In battle support, the support warrior will decrease the damage of the scheme and the passive skill will not be activated.

• A support team can be dispatched between 5 and 20 minutes after arriving at the territory.

(You can know the moment of deployment through the attack sign message.)


3. Guidelines for Defends Support

• Defense Support costs 2 Stamina

• The warriors must have at least 50% of their HP and have at least 3,000 troops deployed.

• Only enemy units that are encamped in the defense support screen can support battles.

• A warrior who goes out to defense support has a penalty of reduced damage.

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