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Regular Army Management

• Warriors who have been promoted to the standing army can use various contents as they work as regular army.

• In regular army management, you can give orders to warriors, reward them, set up warriors, and wear equipment.

regular army ajah.png
1 Regular army explanation.jpg

1 Regular Army


• You can check the number of warriors you currently have and the number of warriors currently executing orders.

• When the second folder is selected, a list of registered warriors appears.

• Regular army can station up to 20 people by default, and you can increase the maximum number of troops through the [Monarch's Propulsion] product.


(With the [Monarch's Propulsion] product, you can station up to 150 regular army.)

(Grade 2.5 and grade 3.5 warriors can only have 6 people based on the entire army, and you can check it in the Lord information.)

• Command execution is the maximum number of command executions that can be executed at the same time.

(If the number of orders has reached the maximum, you will no longer be able to give orders to the warriors.)



2 List Switching

manage en1.jpg

• When selecting the number of warriors, the illustrations of the number of warriors are exposed on the right screen.

• When the list is switched, simplified use of existing commands is possible.

- Commandable button (regular army): reward, collection, procurement, patrol, regroup, cancel order, banish

- Commandable button (beginner): promotion, dismantle


3 Mass Award

• All regular army are rewarded at once.

• The reward increases the passion of the warrior, and when the passion reaches [Very Satisfied], 1 Passion Point is obtained.


4 Command Classification

• You can check the current status of warriors or the status of command execution by classification.

4 Command Classification.jpg

• Standby: Warrior that is not in the command execution state

• Manager: the number of warriors managers registered by the manager

• garrison: garrison, warriors assigned to reserve units

• Recruitment: Warriors who have left the territory and are currently recruiting

• Army: The number of warriors who are in retreat after each content ends

• Execution (total): Total number of current command execution units

• Execution (Battlefield): Warrior in the battlefield

• Training (subjugation): a warrior in the process of subjugation

• Performance (relationship improvement): Warrior in progress

• Training (plundering): a warrior in the process of plundering

• Execution (expedition): Warrior who is performing the mission of the expedition

• Execution (Siege warfare): a warrior in the process of Siege warfare

• Execution (Battlefield of Bloody): Warrior in the process of Battlefield of bloody

• Practice (Dispute Battle): a warrior in the process of a dispute battle

• Search: A Warrior is on searching for another territory.


5 Folders

• When selecting the number of warriors, the illustrations of the number of warriors are exposed on the right screen.

• Folders require Gold or Sage's Wis, depending on the number of purchases.

• Up to 10 folders can be created.


5.1. Folder List

• A list of folders that can be organized by categorizing regular troops appears.

• You can manage the selected number of warriors as a folder and use it as needed.

• When the second folder is selected, a list of registered warriors appears.

• You can change the folder name through the icon next to the folder name.


5.2. Change folder priority

• You can change the priority of the selected folder through the corresponding button.


5.3. Select Folder

• You can select the number of copies to move from one folder to another.


5.4. Selected Warrior

• When the second folder is selected, a list of registered warriors appears.

• You can move the number of pages between folder lists by pressing the ◀, ▶ button.

5.4. Selected Warrior.jpg

5.5. Folder List

• After setting the folder, if you select the desired folder on the regular army screen, you can only see the number of warriors placed in the folder.


6 Warrior Sort

• This is a function that allows you to sort and check the number of warriors you have.

-Basic Sort: Sorted by the number of warriors, rank, level, troop, and name.

- Sort by level: Sort by the number of high-level warriors

- Sort by rank: Sorted based on the number of warriors with a higher rank

※ In the case of a warrior, the regular army list is sorted last.


7 Warrior Information

• Shows the current level, stamina, status, army type, number of troops, and current command execution status of the selected warrior.

• If you are not in the command execution status, you can give the command to the warrior.


8 Command

• A command button to give orders to the warrior appears.

8 command.jpg











8.1. Recovery: Restores the selected warrior's health.

(If your HP is less than 50%, you will be restricted from using some content.)


8.2. Reward: Gives a reward to the selected warrior.

(If they are satisfied, they will get 1 Passion Point.)


8.3. Procure: Selected warriors procure resources to obtain a small amount of resources.


8.4. Patrol: The selected warrior patrols the territory to raise public sentiment.

(You can check the increased public sentiment in the Lord information.)


8.5. Batch Demote/Demotion: Depromote multiple or selected warriors to standing army.

(Demotion requires 1 stamina per warrior.)


9 Vice Captain/Warrior Manager

• The warrior manager participates.

• Shows the currently selected warrior manager.

• When you click the relevant screen, it moves to the screen where you can set the manager.

(For detailed explanation, please refer to Section 3.


10 Equipment

• Shows the currently selected warrior's wearing equipment.

• When you click the relevant part, you will be moved to the screen where you can equip equipment.

10 Equipment.jpg



10.1. Equipment equip area

• This is the area where the worn equipment is displayed, and only one piece of equipment can be equipped per part.


10.2. Equipment stats

• Shows the stats of the selected equipment.


10.3. Automatic equip

• Equipment is automatically equipped for each part according to the set conditions.


10.4. Save Set

• Saves the equipment you are currently wearing as a set and automatically equips the set item if necessary.

(Equipment registered as a set item cannot be checked in the warehouse.)


10.5. Unequip

• Unequip selected equipment.


10.6. Batch Release

• Unequip all equipment you are wearing.


10.7. Select/View All Effects

• You can see the overall effect of the equipped equipment or the effect of the selected equipment through the corresponding button.

10.7. Select-View All Effects.jpg

10.8. List of Equipped Equipment

• This is a list where you can check the stats, attribute, and seal of the equipment to be equipped.


10.9. Equipment filter

• You can check the items possessed by each part with the equipment filter.


10.10. Stat sorting

• With the stat sort function, items corresponding to the sorted stats can be checked at the top.

10.10. Stat sorting.jpg

10.11. Equipment Set List

• You can check the list of currently registered equipment sets and list of equipment sets that can be registered.

• In addition to the free slots, you can purchase slots using 29 Sage's Wis and 3,000 Weapon Holders.


10.12. Equipment Set Screen

• Rename equipment set : You can change the name of equipment set through the 'brush' icon.

• Edit Equipment: This button allows you to edit the equipment of the equipment set registered through the 'gear' icon.

• Equip: Equip the selected equipment set. If any equipment is equipped, it will be unequipped.

• Create a set: Select an item to be registered as an equipment set, equip it, and then register it as an equipment set.

• Delete : Deletes the registered equipment set.


10.13. Equipment Total Stats

• You can check the total stats of the selected set equipment.



2. Standing army management

• As warriors who are always on standby, newly appointed warriors belong to the standing army.

• Standing army can station up to 20 people by default, and the number of stationed troops through the [Monarch's Readiness] product.

can be raised

• Warriors belonging to the Standing Army cannot own troops and are limited in carrying out commands.

• Standing army can be entered through the lower sub-menu of the internal affairs screen.

3. Standing army management 1a.jpg
3. Standing army management 2.jpg

1 Command

• Batch/Promotion: Promotes multiple or selected warriors to regular army using 1 stamina per warrior.

• Batch/Banish: Banish multiple or selected warriors using 1 stamina per warrior.

(Banish cannot be extended to rank 3 or higher, and banished warriors will leave the territory and will be permanently deleted.


3. Manager

• When a warrior participates, you can participate in battle with one warrior.

• The warrior manager can enter the regular army or the standing army from the sub-menu at the bottom of the appointment screen.

Regular army en 2.jpg
3 manager.jpg

• The warrior manager can only register warriors who belong to the standing army and have a level of 30 or higher.

• The sum of grades cannot exceed 7 for the manager and the number of players participating.

• The warrior is not affected by HP status and does not count towards the number of order.

• When the warrior participates in battle together with the warriors participating in the battle, the warrior acquires 30% of the total exp that the warrior must acquire.


1 Warrior list

• Please select the number of people to register as a manager.


2 Grade Classification

• You can select the grade of a warrior to be registered as a warrior manager.


3 Recovery

• It is the same as the existing warrior HP recovery, and it restores the warrior's hp.


4 Full Recovery

• Recovers all warriors with less than 100% hp.


5 Warrior Manager

• When registering a manager, information about the number of managers registered in the area is displayed.


6 Help

• It guide you through the conditions required for registration as a manager.


7 Perform

• When the button is clicked, the registration of the manager is completed.

• The number of registered warriors can be checked in the 'Warrior Manager' area of the regular army management or in the warrior management.


8 Manager Effect

• The warrior effect is an effect given to the warrior (the number of participating warriors), and the effect changes according to the warrior stat of the warrior manager.

(The warrior effect affects the rank and enhancement level of the warrior.)

8.1 Effect given to the manager when the manager's main stat is CMD

8.2 Effect given to the manager when the manager's main stat is STR

8.3 Effect given to the manager when the manager's main stat is INT

8.4 Effect given to the manager when the manager's main stat is POL

8.5 Effect given to the manager when the manager's main stat is CHA

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