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• Warrior is the most essential element in Unbroken War - Three Kingdoms, and depending on the strength of warrior, you can take an advantage in various contents.

• Warriors has its own characteristics for each warrior, and can become stronger depending on the level, enhancement level, and special ability.

• For Warrior, you can check the number of warrior that owned by the Lord in the regular and standing army management.


1. Warrior Card

• This is a card image that shows brief information about the warrior.

Ma Chao warrior card.jpeg

1 Year of appearance / Age: Indicates the country to which the warrior belongs, year of appearance, and age.


2 Name: Indicates the name of the Warrior.


3 Reinforcement Level: Indicates the enhancement level of warrior.


4 Grade: It represents the grade of warrior, and there are a total of 5 Grades.

★ - Grade 1/ ★★ - Grade 2/ ★★★ - Grade 3/ ★★★★ - Grade 4/ ★★★★★ - Grade 5)

★★☆ - 2.5 ratings / ★★★☆ - 3.5 ratings

(Level 0.5 can be acquired through rebirth.)


5 Attribution: Whether it is attributable or not, if attributable, the relevant warrior cannot be traded in the market.


6 Detailed information: When you click the button, you can check detailed information such as battle rating, skills, and stats of the warrior.


7 Others - Overwhelming effect

• In case of a battle between warriors with a different grade, the intimidation effect is applied.

• As for the overpowering effect, the higher the grade gap, the higher the stats of the higher grade warrior.

(Even if grade 2 warrior and grade 5 warrior have high stats in battle, grade 5 warrior who will received the intimidation effect

Probability of winning the battle is increased.)


2. Details

• You can check the detailed information of the selected warrior card.

Detail warrior card.jpg

1 Episode

• Indicates warrior episode titles.


2 Battle Rating

• Battle Rating is calculated as the sum of all factors and skills that affect stats, and represents a measure of strength on the battlefield.


3 Number of Trades

• Indicates the number of times traded in the market.

• As the number of transactions increases, the registration fee increases when registering an item in the market.


4 Levels

• Indicates the current level of warrior.

• Warriors grows up to Lv.60.


5 Rebirth

• Convert the warrior to another warrior card or item card through rebirth.

• You can be rebirthed only when the warrior is above a certain level.

• Rebirth Conditions

- 2nd, 3rd grade: Lv.60 or higher

- 4th, 5th grade: Lv.50 or higher

- 2.5, 3.5 grade: Lv.51 or higher

- Warriors without equipment

- A warrior in the standing army

- Level 1 warrior cannot be reincarnated.


6 Passion State

• Shows the current state of warrior passion.

[Guidelines] - [Dissatisfied] - [Satisfied] - [Very Satisfied]

• The reward increases the enthusiasm of the warrior, and when the passion reaches [Very Satisfied], 1 Passion Point is obtained.


7 Skill

• Skills are divided into unique skills and latent skills.

• Unique Skills: A unique skill set for each warrior have by default.

• Potential Skills: Upon reaching level 10 or 20, you can acquire 2 out of 3 potential skills.

• You can use 500,000 gold to reset all potential skills.


8 Stats

• Shows the current warrior stats.

• Stats are factors that affect battle rating, and when leveling up, 1 point is given to increase stats.

• Stats can be increased not only through level-up points, but also through enhancements, items, and factions.

• Among each stat, there is a main stat that shows the characteristics of each warrior, and there are contents that can be entered according to the main stat,

Various Warrior training is required.

8 Stat.jpg

8.1. CMD

• Affects Normal Defense, Normal Evasion, HP, and Normal Attack.

• The warrior's stamina increases with CMD, but the stamina does not increase with the item's CMD value.


8.2. STR

• Affects normal attack and normal defense health.


8.3. INT

• Affects tactics attack, tactics defense, normal attack, and normal defense.

(Scheme means an active skill.)

• The higher the INT of the enemy general in battle, the higher the probability of being able to see through the enemy general's scheme.

(Damage of enemy tactics is reduced when you see through.)

• The higher your INT, the more time you spend while exploring and the more gold you earn.


8.4. POL

• Affects normal attacks in expedition battles.

• It has a significant impact on orders such as exploration or procurement.

• The higher your political power, the more time spent exploring and the more gold you earn.


8.5. CHA

• Influence when patrolling, recruiting, or meeting warriors in quests.


8.6. Reset

• Use 5 Sage's Wis to reset all the points invested in the warrior and use the remaining stats.



8.7. Invest All

• Invest all remaining points in the stat you want to select when you click the button.




9 Passion

• Passion can enhance warrior. However, the passion is reset after the ability is demonstrated as a one-time use.

• Passion score gives a reward to warrior, and when satisfaction is satisfied with [Very Satisfied], a passion score of 1 can be obtained.


• One Passion Point is used for each Passion level up.

9 Passion.jpg

10 Record

• It shows the win/loss of the warrior, the number of times of content use, and whether or not you win, and you can check the record of rebirth.

10 Record pic.png

11 Warrior Management

• This is a screen where you can check and manage the current warrior health status, medical history, and major status.

warrior management.jpeg

11.1. HP

• When the button is clicked, the warrior's HP is restored.

• Use 1 Stamina to recover health.

• If the warrior HP is less than 50%, recovers up to 50% of the HP.

11.1 HP.jpg

• If the warrior's HP is 50% or more and less than 100%, 100% of the HP is restored.


11.2. Troop

• Displays the troops currently possessed by the warrior and moves to the troop deployment screen when the button is clicked.


11.3. Trophy

• You can quickly purchase the products of the Trophy Shop, Treasured Resolution and Strong Army.

• Treasured Resolution: Increases the warrior's maximum health by 200. (Trophy score: 10 points)

• Strong Army: Strengthen the warrior's troops. (Trophy score: 5 points)

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