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• A normal letter that can be exchanged between lords, a report on the game result, and the result of an order given to a lords in a letter you can check


• Letters is automatically deleted after 7 days.

• Letters can be entered through Letters in the sub-menu at the bottom of the military screen.


1. Letters Screen


• You can check the contents of the letters for each content item on the screen below.


•Letters is automatically deleted after 7 days.

(However, personal letters and customer support items are preserved without being deleted even after 7 days.)

• Letters contain items

2. Statistics Screen

• Statistics of currently held letters are aggregated on this screen.

• When a letter is deleted, its contents are not counted.

download (1).jfif

1 Item to be obtained

• Acquired items include resources, items, warriors, recruits, plunder, etc. of the Lord.

2 Battle Items

• For battle items, the win/loss of battles between each content use is counted.

• In the case of simulated battles, when you and allies fight each other, win/loss is counted based on the attacker.

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