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Warrior/item combination

• Combine 4 cards in each warrior combination and item combination tab to obtain 1 new warrior or item card.


• The process of combining warrior and item combinations is the same.


• Combinations can be entered through the lower sub-menu.


1. Warrior/Item Combination Method















1 Card List

• When combining cards from the list, please register 4 or more cards.

• When combining, the probability of getting a higher grade card increases according to the registered card grade.


2 Grade Filter

• You can check the number of warrior you have by grade.

(In the case of an item combination, you can check the items you have by grade.)


3 Selected Card

• You can check the card selected as a combination material.

• When the card is reselected, the selected card registration is canceled.

(In the case of an item combination, the item list appears.)


4 Register All

• Registering all cards, if there are 4 or more cards with same grade.


5 Combinations

• When you click the button, you get 1 new card by combining the registered card with 1,000 gold.

• When combining, if there is a card in the binding status among the registered cards, it will be transferred to the new card.

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