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Appointment Office

• You can recruit warrior through the appointment office. (Warrior can be obtained from other contents other than the Appointment office.)


• You can enter the appointment office through the appointment office among the sub-menu at the bottom of the recruitment screen.

Enter appointment Office.jpg

■ Appointment office Screen

• On the screen below, you can hire a veluable guest warrior and opposition figure warrior.

■ Appointment office Screen.jpg

1 Valuable Guest

• For valuable guests, 3 and 3.5 warriors will visit the camp, one each.

• When hiring, grade 3 uses fragrant rice wine and gold, and grade 3.5 uses fragrant rice wine and an warrior or tactician introduction.

• The warrior that appears in the valuable guest is updated every 1st of every month.

• Rebirth's trace can be used to renew valuable guests. (100 tier 3, 10,000 tier 3.5)

(It does not affect auto-renewal time.)


2 Opposition Figure Invitation

• Opposition figure invitation is a warrior who visits every 24 hours, and ranks 1 to 3 warrior visit it.

• Recruitment is possible by using resources (gold).

• Use 1 Sage's wis for renewal.


3 Appointment Office Settings

• After setting up, if the Invitation is renewed, the episode or the warrior of the country to which he belongs will be visited.


4 Donate

• Pay gold based on remaining renewal time and pull renewal time to 30 minutes.

• You can donate only once per day.


5 Mass Appointment

• Hire all warriors on the invitation list.

• If there are not enough slot in the standing army, batch appointments cannot be done.


6 Goodwill With the Hostess

• It increases when you hire a rank 1 ~ 3 warrior or update the warrior list.

• The higher the Goodwill with the hostess, the less loot used to recruit valuable guests by up to 50%.

• Goodwill decreases every day on the hour, and decreases when you hire a valuable guest.

7 Warrior Power-Up

• Power-up using grade 3.5 warrior who visited as a valuable guest at the office.

(Power up Warrior is also possible in combination.)

• For combination, you need loot and resources to hire a valuable guest, and use the same warrior and 1,000 gold to be used as combination materials.

7 Warrior Power-Up.jpg

7.1. Warrior List

• From the list, select the number of characters to be used for the material.

(When selected, it enters the original card area.)


7.2. Warriors registered as a material

• Only 3.5 star grade can be used as materials.


7.3. Strengthen protection

• This is a Strengthen protection that prevents the card from being destroyed when upgrade fails.

(Used when strengthening at levels +3 or higher.)

• When using Strengthen Protection, 3 Sage's Wis is used.


7.4. Power-Up Scroll

• The Power-up Scroll is used for each grade, and the number of uses varies depending on the grade.

(Grade 1 = 1 is used, Grade 3 2.5 / Grade 3.5 use 4)


7.5. Power Up

• Attempt to upgrade by consuming a grade 3.5 valuable guest and 1,000 gold.

• Remaining rebirth time is not reduced when upgrading.


8 Engagement

• Recruit your chosen warrior using loot and resources.

• Appointed warriors are formed into a standing army.

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