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• You can appoint patrol and inspection Leader from the detached troop, and you can develop warrior at Warrior training center.


• Expedition can be entered through the troops in the sub menu at the bottom of the military screen.


Separate team screen


• This is the separate unit screen where you can set up a separate unit for Lord.


1 Patrol Leader

• When deploying a patrol leader, it is performed immediately without selecting a warrior when patrolling on the appointment screen.


2 Inspection Leader

• When you deploy a Inspection Leader, some information about the Lord who is scouting you will be printed in the Scouting Unit letter.

• The Scout Correspondence is classified into 5 levels from Lv.0 to 4, and the amount of information increases according to the level.

• Inspection Leaders with high political power and intelligence are effective and are most affected by political power.


3 Warrior Training Center

• Warrior Training Center can only be deployed by Loud Shouting users.

• Warriors that deployed to the Warrior Training Center gain a certain amount of experience once every 24 hours.

• If you do not log in to the game, you will receive experience points for up to 3 days.

• Warriors who are registered at the Warrior Training Center cannot perform other actions.

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