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• In the market, you can trade with other lords, and you can exchange your resources for other resources.

• The market can be entered through the sub-menu at the bottom of the selection screen.


1. Market Screen

• This is a market transaction screen where each lord can purchase the registered items.

market item en.jpg

1 Set Up Trading Items

• A list of items available for purchase appears according to the selected item category.


2 Item Categories

• Category classification of the selected item.


3 List

• When items and categories are set, a list of selected items appears.

(Items you have registered will appear in the list.)

• List items

- Item information: Displays the name, level, episode, etc. of the target item.

- Remaining time: time available for purchase

- Sales money: Gold required for purchase

- Number of Transactions: Number of transactions for the item

• When selecting an item from the list, detailed information about the item is displayed.

market item 2 en.jpg

4 Sort

• Clicking an item in the list changes the sort order.


- 1 click ↓ : Sort in descending order of remaining time

- 2 clicks ↑ : Sort in ascending order of remaining time

- 3 clicks ↕: Cancel sorting


5 Search conditions

• Select detailed condition to show a list of results that match the condition.

market search en.jpg

6 Search Bar

• You can directly search for the item you want to purchase.

• When searching for some names, related items are also displayed in the list.


7 Update

• The item list is updated based on the current time.


8 Purchase

• Pay sales to purchase selected items.

• Pay the sales price to purchase the selected item. • Purchased items are moved/added to the standing army, warehouse, and resources you have.


2. My Trade

• On the My Trade screen, you can register market items, check registered items, and trade privately.

(At the time of purchase, there must be free space in the standing army or warehouse depending on the item.)

• Grade 4,5 can only be traded through private trades.

my trade warrior.jpg

1 My Trade Item Settings

• Items to be traded can be set, and the list of selected items can be checked.


2 Market Registration

• Market registration is a screen to register goods (number of units, items, resources) to be traded in the market.

my trade market item.jpg

2.1. Registration list

• Shows the list of items that Lord can register in the market and the number of trades.


2.2. Product Registration Details

• Detailed information that appears when you select an item from the list, and you can set the sale price of the item on the screen.


2.3. Registration Fee

• When registering warrior and items excluding resources in the market, a registration fee of 15% of individual sales is incurred.

(The registration fee may be lower depending on the level of the Item Store.)

• In addition to individual registration fees, additional registration fees are incurred depending on the level and number of transactions.


• 2* : 100,000 gold per transaction

• 3*: 1,000,000 gold per transaction

• 4*: Gold 3,000,000 per transaction

• 5*: Gold 5,000,000 per transaction

※ 1* can only be traded once.


3 Registered Market Goods

• You can check the market items registered by the lord, and you can cancel the registered items.

(However, the registration fee will not be collected.)

my trade registered.jpg

4 Private Transactions

• You can check the list of items currently being traded privately.


• Individual transaction refers to 1:1 transaction, and it is possible only when 'individual transaction' is selected when registering the product.

(However, private transactions between different servers are not allowed.)

my trade individual.jpg

4.1 Select Purchase

• Buy items selected from the list.


4.2 Batch Purchase

• Buy items on the list in batch.


3. Peddler

• You can purchase a variety of items from the Peddlers who come every 24 hours.

peddler en.jpg

1 Peddler

• Each peddler has a grade, and the following items vary according to the grade.

- Grade 2,3 Warrior, item appearance probability

- Minimum~Maximum sales amount of resources


2 Replacement

• Swap the peddlers using 500 relationship stats.

(However, each time it is replaced, the usage of the related figure increases by 2 times.)

• When replacing a peddler, the limit on the number of purchases is not reset.


3 Negotiation

• You can use gold to boost your relationship stats.

• A minimum of 50,000 gold is used per session.


4 Relationship Value

• Shows the number of relationships you currently have and the number of relationships you can hold.

• The maximum number of Retainable Relationships cannot be exceeded.

• The list of items displayed in the purchase list may vary depending on the level of the peddler.

(For resources, the maximum width that can be purchased increases.)


5 List of Purchases

• There are three purchase lists: warrior, item, and resource.

• Select an item from the list to see detailed information.


6 Purchase Cost

• Gold is used for purchase, and the amount used depends on the grade of the item and the amount of resources.


7 Renewal

• Refresh the list with a relationship number of 200.


8 Purchase

• Use gold to buy all items on the list.

• Each purchase list can be purchased once every 24 hours.


4. Exchange

• It is currently being developed as a function that allows you to barter your own warriors and items.

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