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Lord Allies

• It is a community formed by the gathering of various Lords.

• In addition to community elements, you can enjoy content that is progressed in an allies unit.

(The Allies is available when you have Lv.2 Foreign Affairs Control Center or higher.)

• Lord Allies can be entered through the sub-menu at the bottom of the military screen.

Allies button.jpg

1. How to Join the Allies


• Learn how to join the Allies

How to join allies.jpg

1 Select the Allies to join

• You can find the allies by searching for the name of the allies leader and the name of the allies.


2 Allies Details

• Next, click the [Allies Details] button to apply for membership.


3 Apply for membership

• If approval is completed after [Application for Joining] on the screen, the Allies membership is complete.

• Before approval, you can check the membership approval status in [Allies Information] of the corresponding allies.

Apply for membership.jpg

2. How to Create an allies


• Allies can be created using gold (resources).

2. How to Create an allies.jpg

1 [Create Allies] button
• Press the [Create Allies] button on the screen.

1 [Create Allies] button.jpg

2 Create an allies

• To create an allies, foreign affairs control center Lv.2 or higher and 30,000 gold are required.

• Enter the allies name.

※ Duplicate allies names cannot be used.

※ Allies names containing profanity and forbidden words cannot be used.

2 Create an allies.jpg

3 Allies creation complete

• When the creation of the allies is completed, you can check the created allies in the allies information.


3. Withdrawal from the Allies

• Leave the allies you are currently joined with.


1 Leave the Allies

• If you inevitably withdraw from the allies, please click the [Rating] button.

Quit Allies.jpg

2 Rating Screen

• On the rating screen, select [Leave from Allies] and click the [OK] button.

Rating Screen Allies.jpg

3 Withdrawal completed

• You can join or create an allies after 3 days in case of withdrawal or disbandment.

4. Disband of the Allies


1 Disband the Allies

• In case of unavoidable disbandment, only the [Allies Leader], the Lord, can do so. Click the [Rating] button.

• When an allies is disbanded, there must be no allies members joined, and the disbanded allies cannot be restored.

Disband allies.jpg

2 Rating Screen

• On the rating screen, select [Disband Allies] and click the [OK] button.


3. Allies Disbanded

• A disbanded allies cannot be restored.

• You can join or create an allies after 3 days in case of withdrawal or disbandment.


5. Allies Information

• This is the screen where you can check the information of the allies members.

• On this screen, you can check the reputation, prosperity, productivity, and information of the allies members who contributed to the allies.

• All actions such as the ranks of allies members and the awarding of official positions are performed in this area.

5. Allies Information.jpg

1 Allies Name

• Shows the set allies name.

• The established allies can be changed by the Allies leader.

(When changing, 99 Sage's Wis is used.)

(It can be changed once every 24 hours.)


2 Base

• When creating an Allies, an Allies base is created in the city of the leader of the allies.

(Cities selected as strongholds will receive a Allies flag.)

• The created base can be changed by the leader of the allies.

(When changed, 99 Sage's Wis, 2nd Stage Prosperity, and 1,000 Production are used.)

(You can change it again after 7 days of change.)


3 Allies Grade and Reputation

• The higher the allies level, the more authority you have to appoint to higher ranks.

• Allies reputation is a score given as a reward for content related to the battlefield, continental arena, or allies, and affects the ranking of the allies.


• Allies Grade is a factor influencing the appointment of government offices.

will increase

• If the allies reputation is the same, the number of members of the allies>sum of allies reputation>sum of allies member activity points is determined in the order of highest.

• Grade selection target: Allies reputation 30 or more, Allies members 5 or more

• Every time the grade of the allies is decided, all of the allies reputations are reset to (current allies reputation/1,000).


• Q1 Allies Rating Date - April 01

• Q2 Allies Rating Date - July 01

• Q3 Allies Rating Date - October 01

• Q4 Allies Rating Date - January 01




• Allies Grade

4 Prosperity

• Prosperity is used to move the Allies Base, and depending on the stage, affects the Allies effect.

• Investment resources for prosperity use 300,000 gold, and you can increase your prosperity by 1 per day per allies member.

• Prosperity stage rises up to Lv.10, and prosperity decreases by a certain amount every 00:00 every day after stage 2 is achieved.

• Prosperity Stage

5 Output

• Output is used to purchase allies effects, create a big subjugation stage, and upgrade the basic formula.

• Output can be obtained from allies members' production, siege warfare, and Gift for the King raid.

• Output is possible for each allies member and can be reproduced every 12 hours after production.

• If there is a lord with a last name among allies members, the reproduction time is reduced.

• Decreased by 1 hour per governor, up to a maximum of 10 hours. However, the Golden Castle governor are excluded.

• During production, the amount of productivity obtained varies according to the prosperity Lv.


6 Reputation

• Reputation is a score required for participating in a siege war, which will be updated later.

It can only be obtained by

• It can be obtained by subjugating Lv. 21 or higher warrior of allies members belonging to the allies or at the trophy shop.

• Acquire 1 allies reputation for every hour of subjugation performed by your allies.

(You can accumulate up to 300,000.)

• You can check the accumulated allies reputation in the allies information.


7 People

• Shows the currently joined allies members/maximum available allies members.

• The maximum number of allies members that can be joined is increased through the expansion of the allies leader's foreign affairs control building and purchase of allies effects.

(Expanded to Lv5 of the Foreign Office Control Center, increased to a maximum of 150 people with 5 Allies's Leap purchases.)


8 Lord Name

• Shows the name of the lord of the joined allies member.


9 Recently Access

• Shows the member's connection status and the latest connection date.

• Those who logged in on the same day are displayed in time, and those who logged in before the same day are displayed in date format.


10 Fame

• Fame is a score required for specific content and is used for applications for warriors, plunder, and battlefield plunder.

• Fame can be acquired through troops operation battle, recruiting, warrior plunder, and plunder the battlefield of struggle.


11 Activity Score

• Activity points increase by 1 each time you perform a subjugation, exploration, search, or plunder.

(Increases by 1 per hour, excluding minutes)

• Activity points are used when tallying up the most powerful Lord.

• When in the battlefield of struggle, it is used to calculate the total combat power.



12 Contribution

• Contributions are earned according to the victory/loss of plunder, defense, and support by allied members belonging to the allies on the battlefield.

• Contribution figures affect appointments.

• Each time you leave the allies, an individual's contribution to the allies is deducted by 50%.

• 50% of the individual's contribution will be deducted at the time of determining the allies level.

(12:00 PM on the quarterly release date)

13 Grade

• Allies Grade is a factor influencing the appointment of government offices.

will increase

• The grade is composed of the allies leader, vice leader, executives, and allies members.

• The right to exercise is different for each grade.

• List of privileges by grade

※ After applying for membership, a lord who is waiting for approval is printed as 'waiting for membership' in the rating, and use of the allies content other than withdrawal is prohibited.



14 Official Position

• Official positions are positions that can be granted by the Leader of the allies depending on the allies level.

• The types of official positions that the allies leader can offer to his/her affiliated members vary according to the established grade of the allies.


14.1 Types of Officials

• In order to be awarded an official position, you must meet the conditions for contribution.

• Official positions can be appointed by the allies leader to the members of the allies.

• Only one official position can be awarded per person.

• In order to obtain a new official while being awarded an official, one week must elapse after removal from official.


14.2 Types and Effects of Official Positions

※ EXP Rise: The experience points acquired by warriors who have been promoted to the regular army after carrying out orders will increase.

※ Increase Command Troops: Increases the maximum number of troops you can have for each warrior.


15 Allies Content

• This is the content currently being prepared.


16. Allies Bulletin Board

• It is a bulletin board that can be used within the allies, and information can be shared with allies members through notice, general, and strategy bulletin boards.

• Creation, modification, and deletion are restricted according to the rating.

• The most recently written post on the notice board is always displayed at the top.

16. Allies Bulletin Board.jpg

7. List of Allies

• Shows the list of allies created on the current server, and lords who do not have an allies can join the allies.

• You can also apply for an allies through the allies details in the list.


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