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Treasure Hunt

• Treasure Hunt is content where you need to finds clues through search and competes with users from all servers to find treasure.

• Various items can be obtained through the treasure hunt, and up to grade 5 shop items and special rewards are available.

• You can enter the treasure hunt by clicking [Treasure Hunt] on the map screen.

treasure en.jpg

■ Treasure Hunt Season

• The treasure hunt will be conducted according to the schedule below with content on a quarterly basis.

- Held on the 1st of January, April, July and October

• The season runs for one month and ends at 00:00 on the 1st of the next month.


■ Treasure & Special Reward

• Depending on the number of clues when searching, there is a chance to acquire 2~3 grade shop items.

• If the treasure is a hidden city, there is a chance to obtain a 'treasure' or a 'special reward'.

- Treasure: This means a grade 5 shop item, and only one person can acquire it.

- Special Reward: You can acquire the Sage's Wis. Each reward can only be obtained by each person.

- 200 Sage's Wis

- 300 Sage's Wis

- 400 Sage's Wis

- 500 Sage's Wis

- 600 Sage's Wis

- 700 Sage's Wis

- 800 Sage's Wis

- 900 Sage's Wis

- 1000 Sage's Wis

• After the 'treasure' is found, the 'special rewards' left over will no longer appear in the season.

• Even if you find a 'treasure', the season will remain until the 1st of the next month, but the EXP you get will be reduced by half.

• Acquired treasures are sent to the warehouse in a state that cannot be traded or cant be Trophy sacrifice.


■ Treasure hunt main screen

• As the main screen of the treasure hunt, the corresponding content proceeds on the screen below.

treasure screen en.jpg

1 Treasure Hunt Slot

• The first guide slot is provided free of charge.

• Guide 2-5 can be hired using 9 Sage's Wis.

• If you hire Guide on slot 2-5, it will be maintained for the duration of the season and will be reset after the season ends.

- Guides 2-5 are also free to explore once a day.


2 Map

• When exploring, the map changes according to the size of each city (small, medium, large).

• You can see how the warriors who are doing the search move through the time and proceed with the search.

• The map changes to the map for that slot when you click each slot.


3 Collecting clues

• Clues are points required to acquire treasures, and can be obtained by searching for treasures.

• Clues are reset at the end of the season.

• If more than a certain amount of clues are collected, you can get information about the treasure, and the more the clue, the higher the chance of finding the treasure.

• Depending on the stats and skills of the warrior who conducts the search, the amount of clues obtained varies.

-Stats: Influenced by INT, CHA, and POL, the proportion of POL and CHA stats is large.

- Skill: It is affected by all skills related to exploration, and the higher the skill, the better the efficiency.

- ex) Exploration - The higher level forensic ability acquires more clues than the character.

- ex) Search- When possessing a character on a search, overlapping is applied.

• When the clue is 100 or more, if you search a city without a treasure, there is a chance to show the area where the treasure is hidden.

- ex) There is a rumor that it is Jiangling area.

• When there are 100 or more clues, a confirmation message is displayed with a certain probability when searching for a city where the treasure is hidden.

- ex) There must be a treasure in this place!!


4 Assistant

• The assistant is a guide that is needed during the treasure hunt and displays the current situation.

• The display of the assistant changes according to the situation of the assistant.

- Employment: Disabled

- Waiting: Searchable

- On the move: Searching (from 120 minutes to 61 minutes)

- Searching: Searching (from 60 minutes to 0 minutes)

- During break: paid search available after 1 free search (2 available)

- Instructions: Cannot be used until reset at 00:00 (3 times a day limit is used up)

• Navigation is available when the Assistant is in the 'Waiting' state.

• When the guide is in the 'resting' state, you can restore the guide's stamina by using 3 Sage's Wis.


5 Warrior Selection

• Choose a warrior for the treasure hunt.

• The selected warrior does not use troops and does not count towards the number of orders.


6 Choose a City

• You can choose a city to explore for treasure.


7 Navigation

• Begin your journey to find the treasure.

• It takes a total of 2 hours to travel 1 hour and 1 hour to search, and then immediately recovers, and it is impossible to cancel the order when searching.

• Search is available for free once a day, and additional search is possible by recovering the stamina of the guide. (Available twice a day)

- The number of searchable counts is reset at 00:00 in the next day.

• The warrior who doing the search acquires 9 hours and 30 minutes of EXP based on the iron cavalry.

- After finding the treasure, you will receive 4 hours and 45 minutes of EXP based on the Iron Cavalry until the end of the season.

- Even if the warrior automatically returns after the season ends, the corresponding EXP are acquired.

• When the treasure hunt in progress is finished, you can check the acquisition information in the Search Results tab.




8 List of rumors preview

• This is the area where you can check the most recent rumor records in the form of a preview.



■ Rank

• Shows the ranking of the top 30 Lords who performed the most in the treasure hunt.

• If a grade 5 warrior item treasure is not found during the ongoing season, it will be awarded by lottery according to the ranking.

• You must have at least 1,000 clues at the time of drawing.

<Lottery odds>

- 1st place: 15%

- 2nd place: 13%

- 3rd place: 11%

- 4th place: 10%

- 5th place: 8%

- 6th to 10th place: 2.0%

- 11th to 20th place: 1.8%

- 21st to 30th place: 1.5%


■ List of rumors

• You can check the rumors about the treasure on the screen, and you can enter it from the treasure hunt main screen.

• Depending on whether or not a treasure has been found, the following rumor message will be displayed.

- Treasure not found (message displayed at 00:00 and 12:00 every day)

- ex) Rumors about the treasure are spreading across the country.

- Treasure discovered (grade 3 or higher items or Sage's Wis)

- ex) The lord found sapphire in Treasure!!

- ex) The lord found 200 Sage's Wis in Treasure!!

- Treasure Undiscovered (Season End)

- ex) It is said that a peasant picked up the hidden treasure and presented it to the emperor.

rumor en.jpg

■ Treasure Chronicles

• This is a screen where you can check the information of the lord who acquired the treasure (lord name, warrior, treasure name, region, time).

Treasure Chronicles.jpg
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