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Daily missions

• Daily missions are content that can be performed every day and consist of weekend missions and commissioned missions in addition to daily missions.

• You will receive a reward when you fulfill the conditions required by the mission.

• The mission can be entered by clicking the [Mission] building on the military screen.


1. Daily mission screen

• Daily missions proceed through the screen below.


1 Difficulty

• Daily missions difficults are easy, normal, and hard.

• The harder the difficulty is, the greater the rewards you get.

• Weekend Quest: This is a mission that only occurs on Saturdays and Sundays, so you can get more rewards than daily missions.


2 Completion conditions

• Fulfill the conditions required to complete the mission.

• When a mission condition is met, the mission progress is displayed in the corresponding section.


3 Guide

• Click to go through the guide tutorial for the mission.


4 Move

• When clicked, it moves to the content required for the mission completion condition.


5 Get Reward

• You will receive a completion reward when you achieve the completion conditions of the missions in the list.

• Daily mission rewards can only be obtained once per day.

• There must be free space in the safe upon receipt of the reward.

• If the resource obtained as a reward exceeds the holding limit, the resource for the excess will not be sent.


6 Complete all missions

• Complete all daily missions to earn all mission completion rewards.


7 Commissioned missions

• You can obtain various rewards in addition to daily missions when completing the missions performed through each quest.

• Subjugation Request Form: This is a request related to subjugation.

• Expedition request form: This is a request form related to the expedition.

(The mission completion conditions and rewards vary depending on the difficulty of the request.)

• If you click the Move button, you will be moved to the content required for the quest mission completion condition.


8 Mission details

• You can find a brief story about the mission and what you need to do to complete it in the corresponding area.


9 Completion Rewards

• When you complete a mission, you get the item in the completion reward.




2. Daily Mission Guide

• Daily missions are updated every day after midnight (00:00) with new missions.

• If there are missions of the same type with the same completion conditions, they are counted at the same time as the content progresses.

• Completion rewards are sent to your warehouse or safe, in the case of resources, it will be added to your own resources.

(However, if you exceed the resources you have, the excess will not be sent.)

※ Subjugation Request Form Reward List

• Upon completing the subjugation quest, the following rewards will be sent.
















※ Expedition request mission reward list

• When the expedition request mission is completed, the following rewards will be sent.

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