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• This is content that gives orders to warriors to plunder other lords and acquire resources.

• Plunder can be entered through the sub-menu at the bottom right of the map screen.

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1. Scout

• Scout is a preceding activity for plunder, and it is impossible to plunder without scout information.

Scout information EN.png

1 Scout Information

• This is a list where you can check the information of other lords acquired through successful scout.

• When you click, you can check the information of the lord who scouted in the detailed information.

• Scout information can hold only 5 pieces of information at the same time.


2 Reset Scout Information

• Use 3 Sage's Wis to instantly reset all scouting information.


3 Scout of a specific lord

• Enter the lord's name to command scout.

• When scouting [2. Scout conditions] must be met.


4 Lord's Scout Area

• Select an area to be scouted on the map, and scouting will be done by inputing a lord to be scouted.

• When scouting [3. Scout conditions] must be met.

kota scout EN.jpg
















5 Scout

• When clicked, the automatic scout prevention screen appears, and when a number is entered, the entered lord or the drawn lord will be scouted.

• When scouting, a letter of scout attempt will be sent if the opposing lord has a supervisor assigned to it.

Auto Scout EN.jpg


6 Details

• This is the scout information area where you can check the information of the scout target.

• The amount of information for scouting increases according to the level of scout (Lv.0 ~ Lv.4).



7 Plunder

• Plunder the Lord who is the target of scout.

• When clicked, it moves to the warrior selection screen and attempts to plunder by the selected warriors.



2. Scouting Conditions

• When scouting, the following conditions must be met.

- Scout is not possible if the account of the scout who is the target of scout is an account that has been withdrawn.

- Scout is not possible if the prosecution level of the lord who is the target of scout is lower than Lv.

- All recon slots are being used

- Scout is not possible even if the target of scout is using Emperor's Protection.

- Also, scout is not possible even if you are using Emperor's Protection.


3. Scout Instructions

• Scouting information is maintained for 2 hours.

• Scout information can also obtain duplicate information.

■ Plunder Progress

• Proceed with plunder based on scout information.

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1 List of regular army warriors

• Choose a warrior to plunder your scouting target.


2 Folders

• You can use the folder function set in Regular Army Management.

• Call up the list of warriors corresponding to the selected folder.


3 Recovery

• Restores all warriors with less than 50% health in the list of warriors once by using Action equal to the number of healed warriors.


4 Full Recovery

• Restores all warriors with less than 100% health in the warrior list by using Action equal to the number of recovered warriors once.


5 Selected Warrior Zone

• The warriors selected from the regular army warriors list are displayed in the corresponding area.

• The warrior's health and experience points are displayed in the area.


6 Help

• Help guides for performing plunder.

• You can see the resource usage consumed in the area.


7 Number of commands

• Indicates the maximum number of commands that can be commanded at the same time.

• If the number of commands is exceeded, plunder is not possible.


8 Execute

• Use your warrior, troops, and resources to execute plunder.

• The resources used vary according to the type of military and military force.




1. Plunder Conditions

• When plundering, you must meet the conditions below.

• The building to be plundered must be Lv.3 or higher.

• The plunderer and the plundered must be unprotected by the emperor.

• If the number of plunder reservations on the target exceeds 3, plunder is not possible.

• If the number of units reserved for the target exceeds 9, plunder is not possible.

• Warrior with a level of Lv.21 or higher must meet additional conditions.

• There must be at least 4 garrison units in the territory.

• The sum of the garrison troops must be at least 40,000.


2. Plunder Instructions

• Plunder can send up to 2 units to the same lord and up to 8 units to different lords.

(However, you can send additional plunder troops to [Severe Marauder].)

• [Severe Marauder] is a paid product that can send up to 6 units to the same lord and up to 12 units to another lord by using 2 of the Sage's Wis.

(If you try to plunder 3 or more units at the same time, or if you try to plunder all 9 units or more)

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