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• In fact, 9 foreign factions that existed in the Three Kingdoms era appear in the game.

• This is content that allows you to get warrior experience and resources by subjugating the barbarians and hostile foreign peoples.

• Subjugation can be entered through the sub-menu at the bottom of the map screen.

subjugation EN.jpg

1. Conditions for subjugation

• When subjugating, the following conditions must be met.

• Have a regular army warrior

• More than 50% of the warrior's health

• Have more than 3,000 troops regardless of military type

• Resources required for execution (grain, resources)


2. Subjugation Guide

• The resources used for subjugation change depending on the type of troops, the number of troops, and the execution time.

(However, if there are less than 15,000 troops, resources will be used based on 15.000 troops.)

• The required time may differ from the actual time due to equipment reduction time and fixed-term effects.

• When performing subjugation, you get activity points. (Increases by 1 per hour, excluding minutes)

• There is a maximum increase in the amount of experience and resources required for subjugation.

(Fri: 7 hours / Resources: 6 hours / Experience: 9 hours 30 minutes)

• The Lord is a force that cannot be subjugated and can improve relations and trade.


3. Subjugation Progress

• Proceed with subjugation on the screen.






1 Faction

• Represents nine relational factions.


2 Enemies

• You can acquire resources, experience points, and loot by subjugating the enemies of the affiliated faction.


3 Subjugation time required

• This is the actual time required for subjugation, and the recovery time is separate.

(Return time: refers to the time the warrior carries out the command and returns to the city.)

(The longer the time required for subjugation, the longer the recovery time will be.)


4 Subjugation

• Indicates the number of warriors currently executing subjugation orders.


5 Relationship Improvement

• Indicates the number of warriors currently performing the relationship improvement command.


6 Set the number of repetitions

• Automatically subdue the selected enemy for a set number of times.

• During automatic subjugation, if the warrior's health becomes less than 50% after the end of subjugation, you can use grain to recover.

• If troops are lost during the automatic subjugation, the same number of troops as initially deployed will be automatically deployed.

• During automatic subjugation, if there is not enough grain and reserve troops, the automatic subjugation will be stopped.

(Resources used during subjugation are not returned.)

• If a wanted letter is used during automatic subjugation, it will be used for each subjugation.


7 Subjugation

• Subdue the selected enemy.

(The Lord cannot be subjugated.)




4. Warrior Selection

• Choose a warrior to give a subjugation order.

subjug rela en.jpg

1 List of regular army warriors

• Shows regular army warriors with more than 3,000 troops in the list.


2 Folders

• You can use the folder function set in Regular Army Management.

• Call up the list of warriors corresponding to the selected folder.


3 Recovery

• Restores all warriors with less than 50% health in the warriors list by using Action equal to the number of healed warriors.


4 Full Recovery

• Restores all warriors with less than 100% health in the warriors list by using Action equal to the number of healed warriors.


5 Selected Warrior Zone

• The warriors selected from the regular army warriors list are displayed in the corresponding area.

• You can see the health and information of the warrior in the area.


6 Help

• This is the help guide required for subjugation.

• You can see the conditions for subjugation, the number of subjugations, and the amount of resources used in the area.


7 Number of Commands

• Indicates the maximum number of commands that can be commanded at the same time.

• Subjugation cannot be performed when the number of commands is exceeded.


8 Wanted certification

• When used, the chance of encountering a boss or a vice-boss increases.

(Boss and vice-bosses are used as conditions required by the mission.)


9 Perform

• Perform subjugation using warrior, troops, and resources.

subjug perform en.jpg

5. Subjugation Result

• You can check the subjugation result through a letter.

subjug result en.jpg
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