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Story Shard

• You can acquire story shards from subjugation, plunder, and expeditions, and use the acquired shards to acquire one of the warriors in the story


• Story shards can be entered through the [Story Shards] tab by clicking the [Mission] building on the military screen.

MISSION EN (4).jpg

1. Story Shard Screen

• You can acquire the characters appearing in the story by making a story card with the obtained story shards.

story en.jpg

1 Story Card

• This is a story card that can be crafted when all story shards are collected.

• You can check how many story shards you have and how many are needed to make them.


2 Warrior

• This is the warrior who appears in the corresponding story card.

• When using a story card, you can acquire 1 warrior from among the characters.

(At the time of acquisition, it will be assigned to the standing army, and the standing army must have free space.)


3 Shard Pocket

• Use 1-3 Sage's Wis to obtain 10 Story shards from one of the entire Story Shards.

• You can purchase up to 10 per day, and the amount of Sage's Wis increases according to the number of times it is used.

4 Exchange

• The following goods can be used to exchange for 10 story shards out of all story shards.

• Sage's Wis x1

• 10 Story Shards in your possession


5 Craft

• Craft the corresponding story card using the story shards required for crafting.

• Crafted story cards are sent to the warehouse.

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