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Emperor's Edict

• The Emperor's Edict is a mission issued to the lords every 2 hours, and rewards can be obtained upon completion.

• The Emperor's Edict can be accessed through the [Emperor's Edict] tab by clicking the [Mission] building on the military screen.

MISSION EN (3).jpg

1. Emperor's Edict Screen

• You can accept the emperor's edict on the screen below.

edict1 en.jpg

1 Contents of the edict

• You can check the contents of the edict that the emperor will issue to the lords.


2 Edict Objectives

• Indicates the edict goal that the lord who received the edict must complete.

• If you meet all the conditions required by the edict in the area, you will receive a edict reward.


3 Edict Rewards

• Indicates the rewards that can be obtained by completing the corresponding edict.

• Rewards can be obtained from the Emperor's Edict tab in [Mission].


4 Remaining time for the next edict

• Indicates the time remaining until the arrival of the next emperor's edict.


5 Accept/Perform

• Carry out the decree missions of the currently emperor's edict.

• You can check the progress of the emperor's edict in the emperor's edict tab in [Mission].

• If the Emperor's edict is being executed, the button changes to [Perform].



2.The Emperor's Edict Detail Screen


• You can check the detailed information of the [Emperor's Edict] accepted on the screen and receive rewards.

edict2 en.jpg

1 List of Edicts

• You can check the emperor's edict accepted by the lord in the list.

• You can accept up to 1 Emperor's Edict, but you can bought [Emperor's Edict Storage box] using the Sage's Wis


• Each purchase of the Emperor's Edict Storage box increases the Sage's Wis required.

- First purchase: 49 Sage's Wis → Increase by 1 slot

- 2nd purchase: 99 Sage's Wis → Increase by 1 slot

2 Edict Name & Delete Edict

• You can check the name of the edict issued by the lord.

• The emperor's edict is deleted by clicking the 'X' icon next to the name of the emperor's edict.

(You can delete once a day for free, but after that, you will need to use 3 Sage's Wis. (Reset at 00:00 every day))


3 Conditions for completing the edict

• You can check the status of achievement of the conditions of the accepted edict and the conditions for completion.


4 Details

• Click the button to re-check the emperor's edict that was previously accepted.


5 Get Reward

• When all conditions are met, you will be able to click the Get Rewards button.

• Click Get Reward to get the Emperor's Edict Reward.

(You can check the paid rewards in the safe.)


6 New Edict

• You can check the current emperor's edict.

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