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Repeat missions

01 Mission - Repeat Mission

■ Repeat missions

• Repeat mission content through characters from the history of the Three Kingdoms.

• Unlike history missions, it can be performed repeatedly, but the rewards are different.

• Repeat missions can be entered through the [Repeat Missions] tab by clicking the [Mission] building on the military screen.

MISSION EN (2).jpg

1. Repeat Mission Screen

• Repeat missions proceed through the screen below.

repeat en.jpg

1 Repeat Mission List

• You can check currently available history missions and completed history missions.

- Repeat missions that can be performed: The text color is displayed in white.

- Completeable repeat missions: The text color is displayed in yellow.

- Completed repeat missions: Text color is grayed out.

• You can choose which history missions to proceed in that area.


2 Required warrior information

• Indicates the number of standing army required for a repeat mission.

• If you have the required number of warriors, you will be automatically registered.

(If you do not have the required warrior, the warrior card is shaded.)

• If there is the same number of warriors in the automatically registered warrior and standing army, it can be replaced.

1636802010710 (2).jpg

3 History Story

• You can check the contents of the history story related to the registered warrior.


4 Help

• Shows help on history missions.


5 Get Reward

• You can check the available rewards.

• When the button is clicked, the history mission is completed using the registered warriors.

(The registered warriors will be deleted, and the reward for completing the mission will be sent to the safe.)

• Loss notification pop-up appears when the registered number of warrior is grade 3 level 30 or higher, or grade 4-5 warrior.

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