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History missions

• History mission content through characters appearing in the history of the Three Kingdoms.

• It cannot be repeated and can only be cleared once.

• History missions can be entered through the [History Mission] tab by clicking the [Mission] building on the military screen.

MISSION EN (1).jpg

1. History Mission Screen

• History missions proceed through the screens below.

sejarah en.jpg

1 History List

• You can check currently available history missions and completed history missions.

- Available history missions: The text color is displayed in white.

- Complete history missions: The text color is displayed in yellow.

- Completed history missions: Text color is grayed out.

• You can choose which history missions to proceed in that area.


2 Warrior Information

• Indicate the number of standing army warriors required for history missions.

• If you have the required number of warriors, you will be automatically registered if you do.

(If you do not have the required warrior, the warrior card is shaded.)

• If there is the same number of warriors in the automatically registered warrior and standing army, it can be replaced.

3 History Story

• You can check the contents of the history story related to the registered warrior.


4 Help

• Shows help on history missions.


5 Get reward

• You can check the available rewards.

• When the button is clicked, the history mission is completed using the registered warriors.

(The reward for completing the mission is sent to the safe.)

• Loss notification pop-up appears when the registered number of grade 3 warrior level 30 or higher, or grade 4-5 warrior.

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