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• Depending on the type of scroll, you can increase the level of the selected warrior or increase the stat of the item.

• Materials in the scroll are only used in the safe, and you can check the material information in the safe's miscellaneous goods.

• Scrolls can be entered through a combination of the sub-menu at the bottom of the home page.


1. How to use the scroll

• This is a screen where you can use several types of scrolls, and the method of use is the same regardless of the type of scroll.

Scroll EN1.png
Scroll EN.png

1 Scroll Selection

• Select the scroll you want to use in the right area.

scroll 1.png

• When you select a scroll to use, the number of warriors or equipment items to be used for the scroll appear.

• Scroll type

scroll 1.png

※ Bestow Scroll: When the warrior reaches Lv.50, the Bestow scroll is sent to the safe.

※ There is no limit to the number of uses of the Bestow Scroll. (ex: Can be used twice on the same warrior)

※ The Seal scroll and the transcendence scroll cannot be used again on the used target, and can only be used once.

※ Transcendence Scroll Ⅰ ~ Ⅲ share the number of uses. (ex: Ⅱ and Ⅲ cannot be used for warriors who have used Transcendence Scroll Ⅰ)


2 Grade Filter

• Displays the list corresponding to the selected filter.

• Seal Scroll: Grade 1,2 / Grade 3 / Grade 4,5 / Attribute

• Other scrolls: Grade 1,2 / Grade 3 / Grade 4,5 / Regular Army


3 Selected Card

• In that area, you can see which cards to use for your scroll.

• When the card is reselected, the selected card registration is canceled.


4 Use

• Increases the main stat of the item by using the seal scroll, and binds the item.

download (1).jfif

• Use the Bestow scrolls to raise the level of warriors.


• Increase the level of warrior using the Transcendence Scroll.


5 Help

• When clicked, help for the scroll appears.

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