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Pass Down

• Pass down can transfer the level of the same warrior card to the original card.

• Pass down can be entered through the combination of the sub-menu at the bottom of the personal setting screen.


1.Pass down condition


• When pass down, the following conditions must be met.

- The level of material cards Lv. 20 or higher, the same level of cards (regardless of grade)

- If the transfer level is lower than the target's current level, pass down is impossible.


2.Pass Down Method

• This is a pass down screen that can transfer the level of the same level of cards to the original card.

• This is possible only when the conditions are met, and it proceeds through the screen below.

2. Pass Down Method.jpg

1 Register Your Card

• Only the same warrior cards you can register.

• The first registered card in the list is selected as the original destination for pass down.

• After registering the original card, you can check the list of material cards with the same name as the original.

• Please select a material card.


2 Regular Army, Standing Army Filter

• When you click the button, you can select the number of warriors by filter.

• Reinforcement cannot be used as a material or to strengthen other warrior.


3 Selected Card

• You can check the card to be used as the material to be passed down and the original card.

• When the card is reselected, the selected card registration is canceled.


4 Pass Down

• Click the button to proceed with the warrior material card and 1,000,000 gold.

Pass down 1jt En.jpeg

• When pass down, a notification screen appears when the material card is Grade 3 Lv.30 or higher or Grade 4 or 5 warrior.

material card is Grade 3 Lv.30 or higher or Grade 4 or 5 warrior En.jpeg

5 Help

• When clicked, help for pass down appears.


3.Information on Pass Down


• All levels are not added up and are changed to the calculated level.

(Grade/2 + Grade / 4 + Reinforcement level is transmitted. (The decimal point is discarded in division.))

(If the transfer material card is Lv.20 or +0 enhancement, the level of the card being transferred will be Lv.15.)

• After the pass down is completed, the warrior card that has been transferred will disappear.

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