Power Up

• Power up can increase stats by using the same number of warrior of the same grade on the original card as a material.

• Power Up can be entered through a combination of the sub-menu at the bottom of the default screen.


■ Power Up Conditions

• For power up, the following conditions must be met.

- Same warrior of the same grade

- Material card selection is only available when +0


1. Power Up Screen

• Power up can be performed when the conditions for power up are met.

• You can power up through the screen below.


1 Card Registration List

• If there are two cards with the same number of cards, the number of cards is shown in the list.

• The first registered card in the list is selected as the original destination for power up.

• After registering the original card, you can check the list of material cards with the same name as the original.

• Please select an material card.


2 Regular Army, Standing Army Filter

• When you click the button, you can select the number of warriors by filter.


3 Selected Card

• You can check the card to be used as the material to be powered up and the original card.

• When the card is reselected, the selected card registration is canceled.


4 Strengthen protection

• Strengthen protection that prevents cards from being destroyed when power up fails.

(Used for power up at levels +3 or higher, and material cards are not protected.)

• When using Strengthen Protection, 3 Sage's Wis is used.


5 Power Up Scroll

• The Power up Scroll is used for each grade, and the number of uses varies depending on the grade.

(grade 1 = 1 is used, grade 3 2.5 / grade 3.5 use 4)


6 Power Up

• Click the appropriate button to enhance the original card using an offering (material) card and 1,000 gold.

(The material card used is lost.)

power up en 1.jpg

• When power up, if the material card is grade 3 Lv.30 or higher or grade 4 or 5 warrior, a notification screen appears.

power up en 2.jpg










7 Help

• Help for power up appears when clicked.


3. Power Up Chance

• Probability of success based on power up attempts.

• Up to +2 is 100% success, and there is a chance of failure thereafter.

(Failure can be prevented through strengthen protection.)

power up en 3.jpg