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• Recruit is a prerequisite process for the progress of various contents, including battles, and that's where the troops required for the contents are produced.


• Recruit can be entered through the Troops in the lower sub menu of the military screen.


1. Recruit screen

• This is the screen where the warrior creates troops to command.

1 Selection of enlisted soldiers


• On the screen, select the type of soldiers you want to recruit.

• For warriors who currently recruiting, the number of warriors is displayed next to the name of the military class.

(The number of soldiers that can be recruited increases with the military command post level.)

• Different types of soldiers can be recruited depending on the building level of the blacksmith and stables.

[02 Game Screen] - 3. Refer to the appointment screen


2 Warrior Selection

• Select a regular army warrior to recruit.

• Multiple warriors can be selected, and the number of soldiers that can be recruited at the same time increases depending on the military command post level.

[02 Game Screen] - 3. Refer to the appointment screen

3 Enter Recruitment Time

• The number of basic troops recruited according to the time required for recruitment can be checked by clicking the [Help] button on the warrior selection screen and the Recruitment button.

• Required time setting [ - ], [ + ], [Min], [Max] buttons can be used to set the required time, and it can be operated from a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours.

Setting is possible.

4 Help

• When recruiting, it shows information related to the recruitment, such as the reserve soldiers you currently have.

5 Automatic Recruit

• Automatic recruitment starts as many times as set, up to 10 times.

• The goods used are consumed once, and automatic recruitment will stop if there are insufficient resources during automatic recruitment.

• There is no refund when automatic recruitment is stopped.

6 Recruit

• Click the button to start recruiting.

• Recruitment amount is determined by the type of soldiers, the input time, the official position of a lord, and the power of warrior.

• Recruitment consumes gold and is affected by the type of soldier and the input time.

• You can order as many warriors to recruit as many soldiers as possible at the same time.


2. Troop deployment

• This is where recruited troops are deployed to warrior.


1 Select a soldier type

• Please select the type of soldier to be deployed to the warrior.

• Depending on the warrior level, there are [Limited Warrior Level by Type] and [Maximum Number of Deployable Troops].

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2 Warrior selection

• Please select the warrior to whom the troops will be assigned.

• Same as recruiting, you can deploy the same troops to multiple warriors at once.


3 Enter the number of troops to deploy

• The number of deployed troops can be entered using the [ - ], [ + ], [Min], [Maximum] buttons or directly.

• When [Maximum] is clicked, the maximum number of troops according to the warrior level is set.

• When multiple warriors are selected, the maximum number of troops is set based on the lowest level warrior.

• If you want to change the type of troops assigned to a warrior, you can change to a different soldier type when the existing soldier is 0.


4 Help

• This is a guide on the limit on the warrior level for each type of soldier and the maximum number of troops that can be deployed to warrior below Lv.5.


5 Dismiss

• Recruited troops can be dismissed and returned to some resources.

• Returned resources will return 80% of the resources consumed in recruiting.

(If the returned resource exceeds the maximum available resource, the excess resource cannot be acquired.)


6 Max Deploy

• Deploy the maximum number of troops you can deploy to the warrior.

• If the number of warriors does not meet the level limit of the type of troops or the number of troops is insufficient, it cannot be deployed.


7 Deploy

• Deploy troops to the warrior as many as the number of troops entered.


3. Compatibility between soldier types

• In Three Kingdoms W, there is a compatibility between the types of soldiers, and victory depends on the compatibility.

• There are a total of 6 types of troops: Spearmen, Halberdier, Repeating Crossbowman, Mounted Archer, Iron Cavalry, and Catapult.

• Catapults are mainly used during sieges, and are used to decrease durability.

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