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Orthodox Strategy Simulation! Hundreds of Warrior Cards appear according to the activities of each era!!

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Hundreds of various Item Cards appear!!
Give orders to the warriors to develop your City!


Fierce City scramble! The story of Warrior living in turbulent period! Collect scattered Piece of Story to earn warrior!

Warrior / Tactician Expedition to explore an unknown area together!


The best of the Three Kingdoms strategy game with hundreds of Warriors
( Unbroken War - 3 Kingdoms )

▶ A strategy game that can be easily enjoyed without time burden- A game that both busy office workers and students can enjoy in their spare time!- Without having to look at your phone all the time, let's order the necessary commands to the warriors!-Each warrior automatically executes the received command and submits a report!- Players only need to see the final result and make a strategic decision!

▶ Card Stats determined according to the activities of each era- AD 208, Guan Yu in the Battle of Red Cliffs is a Grade 4 Card!- AD 194, Lu Bu at the Beginning of Turbulent Age is a Grade 5 Card!

▶ Unparalleled Content Volume- Hundreds of Warrior Cards and Item cards, 300 kinds of Battles and Internal Affairs Skills!- Scenario Mode to enjoy important events of the Three Kingdoms by year!- Form a Alliance with your friends and attack the Enemy Alliance to take over the Castle and rule as your style!

▶ Required Access AuthorityRead and record storage space: Authority required for App Installation, Patching, and Data Saving

▶ How to revoke Access AuthorityOS 6.0 or more : Setting > Application > Select an App > Authority > Revoke Access AuthorityOS under 6.0 : Access can not be revoked in this version, so it can be revoked by deleting the App

▶ How to contact Customer Center- Game : Letter > Customer Support- Mail :
▶ Official site-

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