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• A garrison is a unit that defends a castle from enemy plunder.


• The garrison can be entered through the Troops or garrison button in the sub menu at the bottom of the military screen.


■ Garrison screen

• This is the garrison main screen where you can set the lord's garrison.


1 Regular Garrison

• When the garrison is plundered by the enemy, a garrison randomly selected from among the 4 regular garrison to defends the plunder.

(Up to 4 warriors can be placed in each garrison.)

• If you fail to defend, your reputation, lord reputation, and city durability will decrease by 10.

• When the durability becomes 0, there is a 20% chance that the building will be destroyed except for public hall.

(Among the expanded buildings, the level of a random building decreases by 1.)

(Buildings can be destroyed up to 5 times a day, and the number of possible destructions is reset at 05:15 am)

• If there is no regular garrison and reserve garrison, or if the warrior has less than 3,000 troops, it will be plundered without combat.

• If the attacker's activity point is 3,000 or higher and there are no troops in the defender's garrison, the building will be destroyed and the attacker will

gain exp.

(However, if you attack a user with an activity score of 3,000 or more with a reputation of 0, you cannot gain fame.)

• If the warrior's HP is less than 50% after battle, grain is consumed to automatically recover up to 70%.

(If the consumed grain value is less than 50,000, it will be adjusted to 50,000.)

• Troops that used after battle are automatically replenished if the same type is in reserve.


2 Reserve Garrison

• If the warriors are released due to battles of regular garrison, they will be replenished to regular garrison in order to starting with the 1st reserve garrison.

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