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Game screen

■ Game screen

• Welcome to Unbroken War - Three Kingdoms

• The game screen of Three Kingdoms W consists of a common menu, military screen, internal affairs

screen, map screen, and sub screen.

• Available content is prepared in each screen, and you can enjoy various fun depending on your play style.


• For detailed explanation, please refer to the related category.


1. Common Menu

• This is the top common menu used for common use among game screens.

• In the menu, you can check the city name, tax, paid goods, resources, etc.

1. City/tax (%) 

• A tax you pay for your city.

• Taxes paid are collected by resources (gold, grain, iron) and the tax is determined by the governor at a minimum of 1% to 10%.

2. Lord Name

• The Lord name you set is displayed.

• When you click the button, you can check Lord information, total additional effects, city information, and service status.


3 Sage's Wis

• An item that immediately completes an action that requires time, and can be used to purchase a cash item.

used as a commodity. 

• The required quantity changes depending on the place of use, and the Sage Wis can be purchased through specific content rewards and cash.

4. Stamina

• Used to expand buildings or use battle-related content limit.

• Stamina is automatically charged by 1 every 30 minutes, and can be acquired through other content.

• Additionally, when purchasing [Roaring Shout] from the VIP service, the maximum stamina capacity is increased to 40.

5. Resources

• The type of resource is used to increase the level of gold, grain, and iron or to use content.

• Resources can be acquired through various contents such as collection and procurement, market trading, subjugation, exploration, plunder, and missions.

※ When the resource control center is expanded, the maximum holding limit increases.

※ The displayed resource unit is expressed in numbers for less than 10,000 and '10,000' for more than 10,000.


6. Chat

• This is a space where you can talk with other Lords Contains All, Normal, allies, and battlefields chat.

- All: Shows both Lords and continental sources.

- Normal: You can chat with the Lords of all servers.

- Alliance: Shows conversations and related records with the alliance to which you belong.

- Battlefield: You can talk to all Lords that currently on the battlefield screen or chat with Lords of the same faction.

- Continental Newsletter: Shows major activities and information that occurred on all servers.


7. Other

• This space is a space with necessary functions outside of the game.

• Notice: This is a function that lets you know important information about the game and updates.

• Game settings: This is a setting screen that shows your account information. You can change the platform or server and initialize data.

it's possible.

• Warrior Fierce: Ranking of Warrior Use Shows detailed information on the number of warrior currently being used, and displays statistics according to the situation.


• Three Kingdom Daily: You can check various issues in progress in Unbroken War - Three Kingdoms,

[Daily report, dynasty fever, Warrior reading, product introduction] It is classified into 4 categories.

- Daily Report: This is a screen where you can check the rank and progress status of each content.

- Dinasty Fever: Displays the monthly content activity ranking.

- Warrior Reading: Every day at 00:00, a warrior with the opinions of the lords is selected and introduced.

- Product introduction: Every day at 00:00, 3 paid products and 3 official uniform products are selected and introduced.

• Attendance check: This is an attendance gift that is paid to the Lords every day. Different rewards are given when the cumulative attendance date is achieved.


8. Regular army

• A warrior who is promoted from the standing army becomes a regular army warrior and can be used for various contents according to the command of the Lord.


9. Standing Army

• This is a waiting area for warriors who have been recruited or acquired but not used yet.

• All acquired warriors are paid and acquired to the standing army, and when Lords want to use the warriors, they must be promoted to the regular army.

• Promotion and Banishment of the regular army is possible according to the choice of the lord.


10. Repetitions

• This is a convenient function that allows you to repeatedly perform recruitment, subjugation, and search.

• This is a convenient function that can be used repeatedly by saving previously performed settings.

2. Military Screen

• You can enjoy various battle contents such as battlefields and continental arenas through the recruited troops and resources on the main screen of Unbroken War - Three Kingdoms There.

• You can use content such as training guides, missions, battlefields, etc., or build defensive buildings to protect your city.



1. Promotion Guide

• This is a guide for first-time users, as well as various achievements and content rewards that can be collected.

• You can get various rewards depending on what you achieve.


2. Missions

• There are a total of 6 mission types as content that can be rewarded upon achievement.

(Daily Missions, History Missions, Repeat Missions, Emperor's Edict, Story Shards, Essence of Brew)

• Depending on the type of mission, the reward will change.


3. Continental Arena

• Continental Arena is a battle content that selects the best Lords with the Troops that raised by the Lord.

• The Continental Arena is composed of Duel battles/Dispute battles and troop operation battles, and each content has its own characteristics.


4. Battlefield

• The battlefield consists of a bloody battlefield and a battlefield of struggle.

• The battlefield of bloody battles is a 1:1 PVP content between the clans where you can test your individual strength.

• The battlefield of struggle is battle of teams and is PVP content between the clans where you can enjoy the fun of cooperation.


5. Barrier

• It is a defensive building that prevents the invasion of enemy Lord.

• Increases the defense of the garrison when defending from plunder. 0.5% per building size

6. Gate Tower

• It is a defensive building that prevents the invasion of enemy Lord.

• Increases the attack power of the garrison when defending from plunder. 0.5% per building size


7. Durability

• If the plunder defense fails, the wall durability is reduced by 10.

• When the durability becomes 0, there is a 20% chance that the building can be destroyed.

(The level of buildings except for public Hall will be lowered by 1 at random.)


8. Defense

• You can repel the enemy by supporting the Lords belonging to the same territory or alliance from the enemies plunder.


9. Letters

• A letter giving you an overview of the game.

• General letters that can be sent and received between Lords, game result report and result of command given to Warriors

You can check in letter.

• Letter is automatically deleted after 7 days.


10. Troops

• Recruit troops needed for battle and deploy them to warrior.

• You can use a variety of contents by setting up a garrison and a separate troop in the army.

• The button allows you to deploy troops to recruit,produce troops, and to deploy defenses to defense plunder by enemy lords.


11. Allies

• Allies of lords have more content than individual lord through Allies bulletin boards, Allies card effects, and Allies content



12. Faction

• This is a system that can increase the stats of the warriors when all suitable warriors for each faction are gathered and registered.

• Warriors that registered in the faction have their own stats and their stats are increased.


13. Scenarios

• Battle content based on historical events and accidents related to the Three Kingdoms.


14. Trophy Shop

• You can use the trophy shop by offering grades 3-5 cards as a sacrifice for your trophy or by acquiring trophy points through battle contents.


• You can selectively purchase items that can grow warrior and resources required for the game in the specialty shop.


3. Appointment Screen

•This is an internal setting screen that can help you prepare for battle content or help your city grow.


• You can prepare your needs for battle by expanding the building on the screen, such as expanding troops, recruiting warriors, and increasing resource limits.


※ You can expand up to 3 buildings at the same time.

※ The completed building effect is applied only after the building expansion is completed.


11. Market

• You can trade cards and resources with lords through the market, and use the exchange to use the resources you have.

Other resources can be exchanged.


12. Appointment Office

• This is a place where you can hire warriors that can be used in various contents, and you can hire them by using resources and loot.


13. Forge

• You can purchase, modify, or disassemble items to be equipped with warriors.

• In modification, you can enhance the performance of equipment by giving it attributes.

• In Dismantling, you can obtain loot by disassembling items.


14. Combinations

• You can acquire new cards by using the warrior card or item card you have.

• In addition to card combinations, cards can be strengthened, transmitted, read, sacrificed, etc.


15. Warehouse

• This is the warehouse where the acquired items are stored.


16. Safe

• Vaults for certain one-time items or loot.

• Can store chests, introductions, stories, miscellaneous goods, and loot.


17. Scroll

• You can move to the corresponding screen by clicking each button.

- Military>Internal Affairs>Map


2. Subjugation

• Warriors who go to subjugation using resources can acquire experience, loot, and resources.

• The victorious warriors can acquire more experience points according to the duration of the subjugation.


3. Plunder

• You can acquire a lot of resources when you successfully plunder other lords by scouting them.

• Enemy plunder can be stopped through garrison or defensive support, and damage can be minimized through defensive buildings.



4. Expedition

• There are [Warrior Expedition Team] and [Tactician Expedition Team] as the server integration cooperation raid content.

• There are 6 regions, and depending on the type of expedition, the main stats for warriors are different.

• As a reward for success, you can obtain a token of the expedition.


5. State of Affairs

• Depending on the color of each flag, you can more easily check information about occupied cities between factions.

• The color of the flag can be changed by the governor of the cities


6. Ranking

• Shows the rankings of lords and warriors who have been active in each field.

• World's Best Lords: Shows the ranking of the Lord according to fame, activity, and combat power.

• Great Warrior: Shows the rank of warrior according to subjugation, plunder, individual battles (blood battles, struggle battles, expeditions), and reinforcements.

• Continental Official position: Shows the ranks of offices, ranks, and lords of the Allies.


7. City Moving


4. Map screen

• On the map screen, you can enjoy various contents such as looting, subjugation, and expedition.

• In addition, you can check the information of each city and use the contents such as search and city movement.


1. City information

• This is the [City Information] window that appears when you select a city.

• For city information, you can check the information of the city to which you belong, and in the case of the governor, you have the authority to manage the city.

that you have


• You can move the territory of the current city to another city.

• City movement is possible through Call of the people, Call of the Grassroot, A step of Victory, Emperor's Call, and The return of victory.

※ The Emperor's Call can only moving to Emperor Directly Governor Cities.

※ Return of Victory will return you to the previous city using the Return of Victory voucher obtained when you win a siege.

- The current siege is the content being prepared.

※ Notice for city movement

- City movement is only possible in cities connected by roads.

- After moving, no matter how you move, you cannot move to the city for 24 hours.

- After moving, you must have 500,000 or more of all resources left in order to move to a city.

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