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Troop Operation Battle

• Troop Operation Battle is a league-type troop content that selects the strongest lords by fighting with a given type of army and troops.

• You can enter the Troop operation battle by clicking the [continental arena] building on the military screen and clicking the [troop operation battle] button.

continent en.jpg

■ Running time

• Every Monday 12:00 noon - Friday 12:00 noon


■ Conditions for participation in Troop operation battle

• Only warriors with Lv.30 or higher can participate in the troop operation battle.

• Only one warrior can participate in the troop operation battle at the same time.

• The warriors who participated in the troop operation battle will face the opponent once every 2 hours.

• Warriors who have won or runner-up in the previous league cannot participate.


■ Troops operation battle main screen

• This is the main screen of Troops operation battle.

• On the screen, you can select warriors and troops, and battle against enemy lords to gain victory points.

Troops operation battle main screen.jpg

1 Warrior selection and information

• When clicked, it moves to the screen for selecting the number of warrior to participate in the troop operation.

• You can check the level of the selected warrior and the accumulated number of wins/losses.


2 Help

• When you click, you can see the effect of increasing stats by soldier type, which increases according to the terrain.


3 Select the soldier type

• You can select the type of troops to fight with the warrior.

• Troop operation battles do not use Lord's troops, and are conducted with the troops provided during troops operation battles.

• Even if the forge level is low, you can select a higher class, but it cannot be used repeatedly.

• You cannot select the same class as the 3rd range, which is randomly drawn.

• Troops are fixed at 30.000.


4 3rd Range

• The 3rd range is assigned to the 3rd range by randomly drawing one out of 5 soldier types at the start of the troop operation battle.

(Except for bale seats.)


5 Terrain

• The terrain in troops battle operation affects the types of soldiers as follows for each terrain.

6 Troops Operation Record

• Shows the record of the warrior with the highest score among your records in the current round.


7 Automatic Participation Setting

• You can automatically participate by setting 1 to 10 times for free.

• Additional times can be purchased up to 10 times using 2 Sage's Wis. (total 20 times)

• The number of free entries is used first, and the additional number of entries is automatically used when purchasing.

• If the troops operation battle ends in the middle, the remaining number of additional participation will be used for the next troop operation battle.


8 Participation

• When participating, (automatic number of participation + number of additional participation)*10,000 gold is used, and it is not returned when the troop operation battle ends.

• It takes 2 hours to participate in a troops operation battle once.


9 Troops Operation Battle Rankings

• It indicates the rank troops operation battle of the set round.

• 1st to 3rd place in the ranking can check the progress of the battle of the last round through the log view icon of win/loss.


10 Rounds of Selection

• You can select and check the last Troops operation battle.


11 Level Settings

• You can check the ranking by level.

- All: Ranking for all targets without limiting the level of warrior

- Lv.50: Warrior level is ranked above Lv.50

- Lv.40: Warrior level is ranked above Lv.40 and below Lv.50

- Lv.30: Ranking for Warrior level above Lv.30 and below Lv.40


12 Chronology

• Click to view special awards, season rewards, and Hall of Fame.

- Special Award: This award is given to a lord who achieved the highest record in each event after the end of the troop operation battle.

-Seasonal Rewards: This is a tab where you can check last season's rankings troops operation battle and receive rewards.

- Hall of Fame: Shows the Lord with the highest cumulative record by event among the Lord who participated in the Troops operation battle.




■ Chronology

• The Chronology is a screen where you can obtain special awards and season rewards, and check the Hall of Fame.


1. Special Award

• This is a screen where you can see the list of lords who have received special awards.

Hadiah Special EN.jpg

1 Ranking Item

• Items shown in the special award are as follows.

- Most wins

- Most losses

- Most wins at the lowest level

- The lowest level, the most losses

- Most wins of rank 1-5 Warriors


2 Ranking Round Selection

• You can check the lords who received special prizes for each round.


3 Awards

• You can check the items that have been awarded as special prizes.


4 Get Reward

• You can receive a reward when you click, and the reward differs for each winning item.


2. Season Rewards

• This is the season reward ranking list screen where you can see the season rewards according to the ranking.

Hadiah Season En.jpg

1 Ranking Item

• The items shown in the Season Rewards are as follows.

- Lord name

- Accumulated Victory Points

- reward

• Season End Date

- The end date of the first season troops operation battle - April 01

- End date of the 2nd season troops operation battle - July 01

- End date of the 3rd season troops operation battle - October 01

- End date of the 4th season troops operation battle - January 01


2 My Ranking

• You can check the ranking based on the Lord's accumulated points from last season.


3 Get Reward

• You can receive a reward when you click, and only the 1st-10th lord can receive the reward.

3. Hall of Fame

• This is a screen where you can check the accumulated points and the ranks with excellent records in each category.





1 Current season's accumulated points ranking

• Indicates the victory point ranking of the current troops operation battle.

• Rankings are calculated in the order of accumulated points.


2 Comprehensive record Troops operation battle

• You can check the lords who have used the most troops operation battles for each event so far.


■ How the battle progresses

• It proceeds in the same way as the previous troops battles, but with 1 player 3 battles.

• Lord A's 1st Division and Lord B's 1st Division battle. (Lord A's 1st squad tries to attack first)

• Lord A's 2nd Squadron and Lord B's 2nd Squadron battle. (Lord B's 2nd squad tries to attack first)

• Lord A's 3rd Division and Lord B's 3rd Division battle. (Random)


■ Troops operation battle with CPU

• In troops operation battle, there is not only battle between lords, but also battles with CPU (AI).

• Victory points can also be obtained from battles against CPU(AI), and the level of CPU(AI) warriors is determined according to the level of the participating warriors.

• The warriors appearing in CPU (AI) are as follows.

hall of fame en.jpg

■ Earn Victory Points

• Earn 1 VP for every battle you win. (If 1 troops fights all 3 troops and wins, 3 points are obtained)

• For every battle you lose, you lose 1 VP. (If 1 troop fights all 3 troops and loses, 3 points decrease)

• In the ranking match on Friday (a battle between 50th overall), + and - 2 points are calculated.


■ Acquisition of EXP

• After completing 3 battles with 1 person, 2 hours of EXP will be awarded based on subjugation.

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