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Faction War

• Faction War is a raid content in which lords that belong to each faction region hold a ritual to release the seal of the subjugation force and subdue it together.

• You can enter Faction War by clicking [Faction War] on the map screen.

faction war en.jpg

■ Affiliation

• When you click the [Faction War] button, this is a screen where you can check the region to which a lord participating in a faction war belongs.

Faction War Afiliation.jpg

1 Faction Area

• All cities are divided into 7 areas.

■ Faction War Stage 1 - Ritual

• As the first step in a faction war, you can donate all resources to unlock the faction seal when you achieve the ritual score requirements.

• The ritual uses 300,000 resources (gold, grain, iron) per one time, and can be performed 3 times a day.

• As for the ritual, the higher the POL, CHA, and grade of the warrior who performs the ritual, the higher the number of points earned.

• You can check the progress of rituals in each region on the map screen of the battlefield.

• After 3 days (72 hours) from the start of the ritual, the sacrifice score increases 3 times.

Faction War - Ritual Stage 1 EN.jpg

■ Faction War Stage 2 - Unsealing

• When the ritual score is 100%, any of the governors of the city included in the area can unlock the seal.

• When the seal is released, one of the nine factions will appear.

• Warriors appearing in Faction War are not limited by episode, and one of the warriors with the same name is drawn at random.

- 1st ~ 3rd Monster appears randomly regardless of order

• Event Boss will be drawn after defeating the boss.

• The strength of the drawn faction war warrior is determined according to the number of lords who applied for the faction war.

(Except for the veterans who use the opportunity to participate in the war)


■ Faction War Stage 3 - Waiting for application

• Waiting for application is the status before receiving applications from people who will participate in the faction war.

(You cannot apply for faction war until 12:00 of the next day.)

• You can enter the faction subjugation screen through the Enter button and check the faction war progress information.

(However, you cannot check the monster information that appears while waiting for an application, and you can check it after the faction war starts.)


■ Faction War Stage 4 - Applying

• After waiting for application, the status is changed to available for a total of 24 hours until 12:00 of the next day.

• You cannot check the monster information while applying, but you can check it after the faction war starts.


1 Application

• There are application conditions when applying, and the conditions are as follows.

- Apply for faction war within the application period

- Have at least one warrior of Lv.50 or higher

- Own 0.1% or more of ownership in the relevant area

(However, if the ranking of the stake ratio of the prize in the previous round of faction war is within 10th, you can apply regardless of the stake ratio)



■ Faction War Stage 5 - In progress

• When the application period ends, the faction war will be held for 7 days (168 hours).

• You can proceed to subjugation of faction war through the screen below.

Faction War - Application.jpg

1 Faction Warrior List

• You can check the list of warriors of the faction that appeared.

• Enemy warriors in the list can be subjugated in order, starting with the leftmost warrior.

• An Event Boss appears if you defeat the enemy warriors up to the Boss.


2 Faction Warrior Information

• The number of faction warrior to be subjugated is displayed, and you can check the information below.

- Warrior stamina, order, Episode, dialogue

• Troops to be subjugated are determined according to the number of lords applied for participation in the Faction War, and the type of troops is determined at random.


3 Loot

• These are loot that can be obtained from the leader of the relevant faction upon completion of the subjugation.

• The loot will be awarded to one of the top 30 players in the 'Best Warrior' section.

• All loot is paid to the safe in a non-tradable form, and the resulting item is also non-tradable.


• The probability of obtaining loot increases as the rank increases.

- 1st place 16%

- 2nd place 12%

- 3rd place 10%

- 4th place 7%

- 5th place 6%

- 6th to 10th place 5%

- 11th - 14th place 2%

- 15th to 30th place 1%

4 Faction War Round Setting

• You can check the current session and previous session information.


5 Warrior Record

• This is a screen where you can check the previous battle record information of the warrior in the battle for the relevant faction by item and rank.

warrior record EN.jpeg


5.1. Warrior Category

• You can check the warrior record as a record based on the number of subjugation targets or the total number of warrior.


5.2. More Information

• You can check the details of the battle with the relevant faction.

- Subjugation Target: Shows the faction war monster

- History: the number of battles with each subjugation target

- Record: Show cumulative score

- Statistics: Displays the total of all stats and records


6 faction war progress information

• Shows the current faction war information.

- Displays the current round, the number of warriors to be subjugated, and the available kill time


7 Terrain

• During a faction war, the terrain is randomly selected, and the attack/defense stats of the troops assigned to the warriors increase according to the terrain.

8 Warrior Selection

• Only warrior who are above Lv.50 can perform the command in faction war, and command execution cannot be canceled during the execution.

• In faction war, 30,000 randomly drawn troops are used instead of Lord's troops.

• Warriors with troops are not allowed to participate.


9 Subjugation Settings

• Using gold or the Sage's Wis, subjugation of faction war is performed for the number of automatic subjugations set.

- It can be set up to 15 times when using gold and up to 30 times when using the Sage's Wis.

• If you use the Sage's Wis to subjugation, you will immediately repeating without taking any time to regroup.

• The price according to the number of subjugations is as follows.

- As many goods as the sum of the prices of each number are required.

- ex) Sage's Wis 3 times = Use 3 Sage's Wis.

10 Subjugation

• Subjugation of faction war proceeds as many as the set number of subjugations.

• For subjugation, it takes 3 hours to participate and 3 hours to group each time, total 6 hour.

• If the warrior is killed during the subjugation, the remaining number of times will proceed with the next warrior.

• In the case of the last player, the game proceeds until all of the counts are used.

• When you win, you get 180% of the EXP based on the iron cavalry subjugation, and when you lose, you get 150% of the EXP.

• Lord who did not apply can participate in the faction war using the Sage's Wis when subjugating.

- Opportunity to participate in the war: If you belong to your region, you can participate regardless of the stake in the ritual by using 19 Sage's Wis.

- Volunteer Faction Activation: If you are not in your area, you can use 39 Sage's Wis to participate.

(However, the opportunity to participate in the war and items to activate the volunteers can only be purchased while the faction war is in progress.)



■ Faction War Stage 6 - End

• The faction war ends when the Event Boss is defeated or the faction war duration (168 hours) is over.

• After the faction war is over, you cannot prepare or proceed with the faction war for 7 days (168 hours). (Cannot use the ritual for 7 days)


■ Faction War Rewards

• This is a screen where you can receive rewards according to the highest record for each event and the stake in the ritual after the end of the faction war.

- If the records are the same, the winner will be decided by drawing randomly from among the lords with the highest record.

• War rewards are paid to the safe in a non-tradable form, and the results are also non-tradable.

faction war reward EN.jpg

• Special Prize: A gift of Hwata is given as a reward to the Lords who achieve the highest record in each event.

faction war reward EN (1).jpg

• Sacrifice stake ratio: Rewards are paid to lords ranked 1st to 10th by converting the earned sacrifice points into the share ratio.

- 1st place, 500 Trophy Points

- 2nd place, 450 Trophy Points

- 3rd place, 400 Trophy Points

- 4th place, 350 Trophy Points

- 5th place, 300 Trophy Points

- 6th place, 250 Trophy Points

- 7th place, 200 Trophy Points

- 8th place, 150 Trophy Points

- 9th place, 100 Trophy Points

- 10th place, 50 Trophy Points



■ Hall of Fame

• This is a screen showing the Lord with the highest cumulative record by event among the Lords that participating in the Faction War.

hall of en.jpg
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